Hair cut

While I’m away from home, both hubby and Efi did lot’s of thing obviously to occupy the time. Lil Efi had fun ‘ponteng’ his nursery and now having all the attention from both Atok and Opah back in Keramat. He passed the first test of being away from both his parents. Never did he ever sleep without us at night, mmg never, so he did for the past 2 nights.

And last nite, he got a new hair cut. Volunteering to climb on the mamak chair’s and got himself a spanking new hair cut. Normally he will create all the drama and tantrums in the shop, so I ended up doing a small hair cut business in my bathroom to avoid all these drama. So enjoice some of this snappo-snappo thing at the shop last night. Got it this morning in my email n i could not help to shed some tears. Mak rindu anak mak ok. Uwaaaaaaaaaaa….


9 Responses to “Hair cut”

  1. Mommy at Home Says:

    alaaa comelnye efi with his new haircut!!

  2. mom2Que Says:

    I remember when efi was younger he looked a lot like jaz. Now when’s he’s bigger, he’s the exact copy of your face oredi.. :p

    Bila nak lunch date nih?

  3. che sayda Says:

    haha.comey nye die nih!!

  4. YusVogue Says:


    ~Mama Mikhael~

  5. Lin Says:

    hehe so cute!

  6. cik daun Says:

    he have your smile elin.. ehehehehe..

  7. azza Says:

    gambar last tu cam puas hati dia dpt habiskan gunting rambut tanpa buat perangai. cam ckp kat mama “look mama efi berjaya okeh!”

  8. Leeds Al-Malique Says:

    kiutnyerr efi!

    mmg muka akak ! 😀

  9. mama ja Says:

    dlm Flickr ko aku dah komen. Tapi sini aku nak komen lagi.. muka efi sangat comel. Ala2 kaer plak aku rasa.

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