Suddenly I am a good girl, updating my blog quite often despite of my have to be muka manis-standing behind the CSR(cust.svc. representative) at the counter-attending to every single queries of all the walk in customer to the shop. U know deploying a system to all 140+ outlet nationwide is not an easy task to deal with. But i cherish every single experience. Every day we learn something that both will benefit us the developer or even the users.

Enuff work crap, I have yet to get to touch base with the local delicacies that much. Thx to all suggestion for what to hunt in JB, I shall KIV it maybe next week. I will back in Johor soil next Monday for another deployment at another outlet. The whole team will depart from JB starting from tonight’s flight off and some reserve for tmrw morning ones. I obviously will opt for the first out. I’m practising LIFO here. Last In to be in any outlet but the first one to be out from any location. I wanna maximize my time to be with families and will scout for all means of way to be with them whenever possible.

But thank God, next week is the final week of outstation. Then we r going to be in Klang Valley and Seremban areas. Other areas in N9 and Melaka will be under the boys supervision. We the ladies get to choose our areas this time due to the ramadhan and all. Thank God. So first week of ramadhan i’ll prolly b in Serdang, then moving to Sban and my last outlet will b at the 1st floor of my office building. Just in time for the raya break.

Aghh, why am i still talking abt work?? !%*&%*#^*()!(&#$*_

Tomorrow, I shall spend my time lazying around with Efi and I-so-miss watching all his favourite cartoon now. Imagine my horror as I truly miss my cartoon session with Efi. Motherhood does this to me i guess. And yes, my hormone is still undefine, and I truly a bitch too now. I get upset easily and I feel unwanted most of the time and feel horror too. But what the heck, I know my hubby will still loves me no matter how scary I might turn into. Isn’t it baby?

So, I shall leave u all with have a great weekend ahead. Toodles.

p/s: TokR thanx for the lunch. It was great finally meeting u up again after years of bombing each other at our guestbook huh!I can’t recall the name of that delicious nasi beriani yesterday. I was full till night ok!Regards to Kak tin and ur Mons-Mons..


3 Responses to “meaningless”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Kalu buleh claim points frequent flyer, dah buleh datang sini kan ?

    take care
    – me –

  2. kaezrin Says:

    i’m working towards it ok.. :))

  3. cindy Says:

    elin oo elin…

    bila kita boleh berjumpa lagi yerr…hummmm

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