pre ramadhan love

I am officially attached to Kleenex.

Been having a bad case of sinus since yesterday. Attending to the sales rep whilst trying hard not to sneeze or blow my nose. At last i surrender. It just too bloody bad.

Back at the hotel, case worsen. I realise I started coughing and building body temperature plus at 11pm, i cough with phlegm in package. Wake up this morning, I practically lost my voice.

What d heck am I doing here? Duty calls, and they gave me a new room to be in with no AC thank God and the sales rep will actually meet me if they need help. Lega, so I dun have to pull a sweet smiling face standing next to them when customers came whilst ensuring the sales rep to use the system well.

I think its the damp carpet and dusty curtain in the hotel room. Plus the lousy comforter contribute to this. Seriously I hate it when I have to go to small city and settle for bad shape hotel. I dun mind if its clean, seriously if its clean, smells nice i’m on it.

Btw, selamat menyambut ramadhan al-mubarak.

p/s: I hate enti-climax series. Thats why I googled for the hell’s kitchen winner just now. I’m smiling ears to ears.


5 Responses to “pre ramadhan love”

  1. elisataufik Says:

    ha ha Hell’s kitchen!! I love that show. (And yes I agree, I totally admire the one who won. I think he is *so* cool. A little freaky, but cool.)
    The second season is good too! You’re really not sure who’s going to win till the very end. And I cried.. *malu*
    I heard on Martha that there’s going to be a UK version of the show, with an equally nasty fastidious chef (tak ingat nama)

  2. elisataufik Says:

    eh sorry. sampai terlupa nak ucap
    Get well Soon
    Selamat Berpuasa

  3. Tyha Says:

    Selamat Berpuasa….emmm…kesian dia.kesian juga kat baby.Ada resdung ke? Atau alahan ngan habuk.Mcm saya kalau tempat berabuk terus je selsema…and then asma pon mai.So ubat sentiasa bawa kemana2.Sebab x menentu alahannya….kadang2 tersalah mkn pon boleh jadi alahan yang serius pada hidung dan tekak.

  4. Pink Stilettos Says:

    get well soon kakak!
    slamat berpuasa 🙂

  5. aisha Says:

    Akak, no more choc cake kah?

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