I am now ‘baking’

I am now ‘baking’
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I’ve been too busy and ‘good’ too.

And sometimes I forget that I am now entering my 13th week.

Both of us are ok despite my crazy workload. I am ok, no nauseous but ALL TIRED AND FLAT all time long but hafta carry myself all ok due to my crazy work.

Lost 4 kgs last week from 12th week check up which is not a good news but baby is all growing ok.

For those who has been keeping my happy news Thanx a zillion for cheering me up and for now bare with me as The Kek Clan is growing.

Efi is all excited and so far never missed the check up. I wanna scan mama’s stomach.. *grin*. Hubby has been very supportive. We both cried receiving the good news. And obviously my mum is smiling from up above.


31 Responses to “I am now ‘baking’”

  1. rini Says:

    13 weeks dah ?
    youve past the first trimester ..
    kejap jee time flies eh.

    take care

    – rini –

  2. siku|at Says:

    heh.. congratulation.. !!
    nanti efi ada geng nak amik gambar..

  3. Tyha Says:


  4. miSs inTerpReted Says:

    congrats!! I’ve been reading your blog like forever tapi tak penah nak tinggalkan comment. hihi. tapi, since this is a very very very special thing, i cant help it but be happy for you! congrats again dear elin.

  5. rozie Says:

    do take care..
    have a blessing Ramadhan..

  6. aisha Says:

    Akak!!!!!! huhuhuhuhu!!!! HAPPY NYER saya bagi pihak.. congrate yer!!! yeay!! efi dapat adik…. al-hamdullilah….

  7. mardhiah12 Says:

    amboi..mcm pakat dgn kak tie jer šŸ˜›


  8. MRSHUSiN Says:

    congratulations elin! such good news!
    take care of urself & baby!

  9. Aidan's Mama & Papa Says:

    the cat is out! congratulations, take good care and enjoy it!!


  10. Aidan's Mama & Papa Says:

    the cat is out! congratulations, take good care and enjoy it!!


  11. elis Says:

    Elin, congrats…do take care of yourself kay. wahhh efi dah nak dpt adik…yeayyyyy

  12. Irm Says:

    this is good news!
    congratulations Elin.
    may the whole pregnancy journey be smooth for you.
    hihihi patut lah lately ada sikit emotional ya? šŸ™‚ dah la penat kerja, kesian you..

  13. elisataufik Says:

    wooo hooo!!!! Congratulations..!!
    tee hee.

  14. Leeds Al-Malique Says:

    congratsssss kak!!!! hepi 4 yaaa!!

  15. Crash Test Mom Says:

    hey, congratulations on the very good news!!

  16. Ame O. Says:

    congratulations kak elin! whoaa dah nak masuk 2. take care

  17. Kamm Says:

    Wow, congratulations! xx

  18. Anonymous Says:

    congrats ya! ehehehe… lepas ni blog ni takleh nama the kek dah la.. kene tukar sebab dah ada additional member… šŸ˜‰

    aniway, u take care.. kerja2 jugak, tapi kesihatan kena jaga… šŸ™‚


  19. sofhib Says:

    congrats Elin.

  20. meandbaby Says:

    Dear Kaezrin…I’ve got my good news too..so sesama la kita mengharungi morning sickness nih…adoi dah le bulan pose…anyway,congrats!

  21. eyzzah Says:

    Congratulations Kak Elin.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    congrats elin!!!! alhamdulillah ada rezeki utk the kek clan bertambah meriah!
    do take extra care eh!

    kak inaz

  23. Zetty Says:

    hey bebeh, sorry lambat tau cerita. heartiest congratulations to you and hubby!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    hi elin,

    congrats on the news…take good care yah!


  25. naddy Says:

    elin, congrats dear!

  26. zu Says:

    wah, wah, efi nk dpt adik doh, congrats elin.. šŸ˜€

  27. MummyHanis Says:

    congratss kak elin! effi ade adik baru!!

  28. Omecool20 Says:

    Dah syak dah šŸ˜€ orang pregnant i kdg2 emo šŸ˜€ … great news ! U take care .. about time too, efi needs a subject!

  29. yatipruzz Says:

    hoho congrats kak! jaga diri baik2 šŸ™‚

  30. lazydaisy Says:

    congrats elin
    finally dah official šŸ™‚

  31. Pink Stilettos Says:

    OMG, i baru dpt tau!
    congrats kakak!!! bestnyer nak dpt babyyy.. šŸ˜€

    p/s: u’ve been tagged!

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