Home Made English Moist Steam Fruit Cake

1) Custom big size 1.3kg going at RM55 (as picture above)
2) The medium size 850gm going at RM35. (H 4.5cm x W 16.5cm)

Mind u, this cake kena kukus 8 jam nak perabih sebijik. And it comes with tonnes of rich fruits, almond and segala tok nenek rete lagi ok. It will last for 1 year(no joke) if u wrap in a foil and put in a tupperware inside a fridge or up to 4 months if x letak dlm fridge. MMg berbaloi.

I am now residing in Puchong so obviously can pick it up at my house area but u can still pick the cake at keramat as usual. we can arrange for that. For those who is in KT I have 1 shipment goping back 3 days before raya, my sister will bring it back but u have to pick it up at my house in KT. Anyway delivery and pick up can always be arranged. I am trying to see postage option too sbb cake nih takdelah fragile sgt.

Order closed on 28th September. This cake also available all year long. (gerenti sedap ok.)

U can place the order via elinnr@gmail.com


6 Responses to “Home Made English Moist Steam Fruit Cake”

  1. wawa Says:


    been waitiing for this particular entry.

    almost lost that i am not going to eat ur kek this year.


    happy baking for me (nanti i email ok) and happy ‘baking’ again.


  2. Kak Teh Says:

    kaezrin, I know memang sedap! Malangnya kak teh tak balik raya tahun ni. Mungkin kak teh order untuk hari raya haji, okay?

  3. mom2Que Says:

    i’ve tried the cake.. mmg sedapppp!!!

    and elin not forget my order!


  4. kaezrin Says:

    wawa: shall b waiting for ur email..we can arrange for the cake okies…btw office i ban all facebook, skype, friendster.tunggu i ader internet at home so i can join the bandwagon

    kakteh: no problem..its available all yr long actually so just order bila2 u nak it can be done ok. :))

    moli: dah jotted down ur order nanti i deliver ok…

  5. ros Says:

    wahh..tahniah Elin..dah jadi business woman sekarang ni..

  6. Anonymous Says:

    i don’t understand ni
    if it’s available all year long,ape pulak dgn sentence ni : ‘Order closed on 28th September’?
    somebody pls educate me with the system here
    i first timer,sorry…

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