bits and pieces

On a point related note:-

  • I’m in seremban this week, for my 2nd last leg deployment before the Eid Mubarak. Next week I’m back at the kedai at Menara, so relief. Then the last working week practically honeymooning week already for me.
  • yesterday, I skipped my fasting. For once, I vomitted 3 times in the morning ever since I’m carrying this lil baby. Dunno why, as I didnt get any morning sickness before. And my nose bleed in the evening. What with now I’m driving back-for for this seremban thingy. It’s just too taxing.
  • I am ‘perasan’ now. Seriously this pregnancy is different. I think i have this pregnancy glow now compare to the last time where I am so sober, selekeh and very selebet. But this time around, I feel good about myself. I even put some make up on daily. What’s happening? I didnt know.
  • My BFF at office is also expecting. Woho, we are expected to deliver in a couple of week delay. This is way so cool. 2 mak buyungs in the office and I hope more to come and counting and praying esp to all my dearie good friends who is embarking on baby making journey.
  • I am not eating meat and chicken at all now. Its all fish and other seafood thingy. Last weekend I had crabs and shrimp galore. Happily fieasting on it. And this morning, I fried 3 fishes and walloped it with some soup and budu. Sedap banget, all by myself. Hubby is so amused seeing how my appetite changed rapidly these days. I rarely took rice for berbuka, only things like murtabak, some noodles if my tekak wants or kuih muih. So during sahur I force myself to eat some rice yeahlah, I need all those bloody energy what with me running here and there kan.
  • Apa nak masak this evening? I definitely is frying cucur udang for sure and i dunno what else lor…

Happy fasting and pls order your fruit cake okeh. 🙂

p/s: Our camera is half dead now. Tension banget.


9 Responses to “bits and pieces”

  1. ummi Says:

    akak pulak agak menderita this time around. dah 2 weeks tak pegi ofis, how’s that? not so much vomitting (maybe sbb puasa so there’s nothing to vomit pun), mostly dizzy and giddy. and i don’t take much rice myself except sahur, kena paksa diri makan nasi sikit. and i don’t glow, at all.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Elin dear, I think u r expecting a baby girl! Trust me…

  3. rini Says:


    Macam ada sympton of carrying a GIRL ajer …..!

  4. Tyha Says:

    Haa…mcm nak dpt bb girl je.Tapikan x tau lagi.mcm saya masa pregnantkan second baby…memang kuat melawa,rajin masak,suka makan ikan and seafood.Dok rasa anak pompuan dah…keluar boy juga.;).X palahkan…janji sihat dan sempurna Insyaallah.Larat lagi ambik tempahan?

  5. SSC Says:

    i hope & pray you’ll get a pair
    take care:)

  6. Anonymous Says:


    I think u’r going to get another baby boy… This comes from my own experience who craved for seafood esp japanese food everytime i became pregnant… 3 times tuh, huhuhu…

    I nak order kek, nanti sms..
    Take care and congrats!!!

    Ur sr in skul

  7. mawar Says:

    Elin..mawar dulu masa preggy kan alisa mmg suka yg cute-cute, girl things and pink colour! Now second preggy i love to put on lipstick jugak but tak minat girlish sgt..more on blue-ish plak..heee

  8. kaezrin Says:

    ummi: itulah lain musim lain ragam kan,..

    anony: I am keeping my finger cross

    rini: sympton ajer kot nyah…ahaks…

    Tyha: insya allah…tapi tulah kan…

    SSC: I hope u camna erkkk???

    kak matun: errrrr..itulah kan macam2 style laa…but if its a boy pun i ok..kalau girl pun i long as its healthy

    mawar: u too expecting…wow..congrates darling…

  9. Kopi Suam Says:

    Hmm kalau nak melaram sakan tu insyaALLAH baby girl..take care

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