oh buggy

My adrenaline rush goes extremely high upon receiving the newsletter. I think I’m becoming to be like Becky and Luke in Shopaholic & Baby at the Stroller World. This will be perfect for my son is so fond of his pram and also lil baby in my growing belly right? But look at the price tag. I am so going to faint. But but…mak suka banget camna nih??? We already have Graco Travel Set and Triumph by Maclaren. Mampus hubby bising, but mak ngidam camna???


16 Responses to “oh buggy”

  1. rini Says:

    This is more practical than the side-by-side one.
    Slim and easy to masok kedai.
    Quite common here, and I will definitely go for this ( but Elin, look at the price kan, buleh guna the duit to come here and beli belah di sini lagik mulia kan ? )

  2. kaezrin Says:

    yes practicality is a BIG YES>.tbut the price tag..amboi dek non harus mak pk 10000kali…pegi topt nok and soping lagi mulia..betul btul..

  3. zatul saliza Says:

    if i were the baby, i wanted to sit in front, yg belakang boring la tak nampak view unless I slept all the way LOL

  4. mrika Says:

    hehehe… i’m in that ‘smitten by a stroller’ phase too at the moment. am sooooo loving this one stroller ni. but the hubs says it’s still too early to be buying one for baby, since he/she isn’t due till Feb. ah well… but i can still continue to berangan n ngidam the stroller, kan? 🙂

  5. mom2Que Says:

    cun kan.. i like it too! but tu lah, kalau si adik duduk belakang, confirm dia boring tak nampak benda.. kalau tido ok la.. abg mmg dah confirm tanak duk belakang..

  6. Anonymous Says:


    untuk ‘dua’ stroller yg amat selesa dan practical, i think the price is quite reasonable… kalau ko devidekan harganya dengan berapa tahun ko akan pakai benda tu.. mmg berbaloi maaaaa….

    skang pon ko dah ada graco + mclaren.. harganya kalo campur pon dah ribu riban juga, tapi tak as practical as this one. kan? 😉

    so jgn beli handbag/kasut lagi n start baking + selling more cakes!! hehehe…


  7. famygirl Says:

    the stroller looks really nice.

    gosh, i missed so much. didn’t know ada little cake burning in the oven 🙂


  8. emly2175 Says:

    been hopping from your FP and blog too.. U r TM Staff?

    I think u can get the stroller kalau u jual fruit cake u yg yummy tu byk2 & jgn shopping itu ini sampai la cukup money nak beli itu stroller..:)

    Is it normal for poeple like me who tak ngidam lansung nak beli satu stroller? I must say that stroller is pretty practical in function and senang nak masuk pintu kedai pun.. Maybe kureng ngidam sebab harga stroller mahal2 belaka.. ;(

  9. Irm Says:

    hahahahaha. elin.. the same stroller yg i dok aim begitu punya lama sampai kan i did ask if mothercare boleh order for me or not.

    tapi harganya mmg agak mahal. i got a friend here yg bought that in Oz. and sungguh la practical especially kalau pergi outdoor. but it is a bit big. penuh satu boot kereta kalau nak travelling pergi mana2. kalau kancil tu, mmg tak muat pun nak letak. 😛

  10. Elis Says:


    This is the same stroller that my parents intend to buy for my brother’s newborn twins….mmg cantikkk n nampak so practical…I’ll definitely say go for it

  11. eiseai Says:

    wah…so will solve all my travelling problems. still scratching my head, camne lah nak handle 3 kids under 3 years old nanti…

  12. ummi Says:

    nampaknya saya sorang je tak ngidam stoller2 fancy ni kot. maybe it’s the price tag. RM500 pun makcik nak pensan beli. hopefully iman’s still intact kat dalam store tu. and definately the one of your choice won’t fit in my viva.

  13. inaz Says:


    u knowlah fitri n farhah a year gap…i ada experience both stroller yang side by side and similar like this one [pinjam kawan]…

    i bought the side by side [mamas n papas] because bila letak sorang kat belakang… dia restless tak nampak mende…

    so, for you i would say, toksah beli because efi dah besar… normally at this age… jarnag bebeno nak duduk in the storller… believe me! unless you nak berjalan for like more than 2 hrs then surely efi nak tido…..

    kalau u beli, definetley baby kena letak belakang sbb dia tidooo aje memanjang… efi mesti nak tengok view… cuma bila baby dah pandai nak tengok2 around then dia pun takmo duduk belakang..

    this stroller suitable bebeno if you have twins or anak yang close gap… kalau efi n his little bro/sis kurang sesuai…

    anyway, just my 2 cent hehehehe

    kak inaz

  14. Mommy at Home Says:


    I pun dpt this email, terus rasa like nak drag the hubs to Mothercare. But I cannot lah mengidam nak, anak baru satu.

    Hari tu we were in Htamas Shopping Centre and I came across my stroller idaman; the Bugaboo. Showed it to hubby and he did like it….until he saw the price tag!

    p/s : Hmm, perhaps I should change my screen name to Strollerholic Mommy.

  15. kaezrin Says:

    mommies dearie: i can only dream…its quite pricey for now. I have to access all pro and cons..

    anyway efi mmg jenis duduk dlm stroller thats why i went estatic upon seeing this..but hey i dunno he might changed his mine in couple of months time ..till then i shall still dream..hubby dah reject pun the ideas of having one..

    but its on my wish list still for now…buleh???

    ahaks….but its really adrenaline rush la tgk stroller nih…

  16. Yaya Says:

    Elin, I just bought it yesterday!!! Bought at quite reasonable price, ada offer…Recommended! But I baru order, not receive it yet…nanti lepas raya baru receive. Can’t wait!

    At 1st, my hubs pun reject the idea of having this stroller due to the price tag, but then I cakap, “If I want to push our new baby and Izz pergi park sorang2 how ma??? Takkan I have to pimpin Izz across the street and at the time tolak the baby inside the stroller? If like that then every evening u kena teman I pergi park lah…” Pastu terus dia order from Amazon. In US+delivery it’s much2 cheaper than in mothercare here…and bila deliver here, no custom tax.

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