wire me ‘so’ not

We’re finally connected to the Net at home wire-free…Thank God. Even at first the assigned installer kind of bring my anger to the fullest after secretly escaping himself to Sabah for god knows what and reluctant to re-assigned the case to someone else. After self tweaking the system(yes, I am bad for accessing the system for my own need) I managed to get it changed and today we’re finally connected. Geram ok, konon amik staff package u have to get people come and install and blablabla…tension makcik..

Ok enuff on that.

Point to note:–

(I cant slot in any more cakes we’re max out already. Mind u nih bukan nak bake easily its 8 hrs on steamer ok..unless u managed to pujuk me big time punyer…:)

On other note, I am promoting this traditional tart by the infamous CikDaun. Sila order if u wanna have the most sent to heaven taste. Its using purely buttercup and ACS butter. RM23 for 50 pcs. Di jamin sedap giller baik punye. Anything u can place order or enquiry to cikdaun@yahoo.com
Ok thats all my community service announcement. Toodles.

5 Responses to “wire me ‘so’ not”

  1. rini Says:

    glad to see you are connected from home. buleh lah chat all the time eh ….without having to tunggu you masuk office !


  2. kaezrin Says:

    yes u r so right….good bye stupid office conection..:))

  3. OndeOnde Says:

    finally you are connected at home!
    wow! traditional tart I love but unfortunately i cannot spend anymore on this..bajet dah sampai limit šŸ˜‰ can order after raya tak?

  4. kaezrin Says:

    kakwani: I believe buleh ajer lps raya pun

  5. angah Says:

    Hai sayang, baru tau U pregnant. Tahniahhhhhh… hopefully dapat girl kan…

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