raya and Aa

I tot i wanna jot down abt my raya celebration but I malas nak karang ayat. Enuff said this raya was too full will LOADS of sinful food u name it, I walloped without failed be in KL and KT. I had so much n i bet my son too. My hubby also been stuffing too many savouries and worry he may not fit in his pants. hohoho.

But I am going to write some tale esp. dedicated to my brother Ezzra who supposedly is celebrating his last raya in Msia as he,insya allah will be flying off to Japan next March and will be there for 4 years. Insya allah I hope he scores well to get a place in the uni there.

So here it goes…Not many picture was taken this year, I managed to do one session in KL the 3 of us and only on my 6th day of raya we managed to get everyone in KT from my dad, sisters, brother, BIL and both hubby and efi in our so called best gear one for the album specially for Aa to bring to Japan next yr. He has been requesting it coz on first day obviously the 3 of us is not in the picture and ever since I reached KT my schedule of makan-makan was just too full to even think of snap-snap pictures. Its funny coz Efi was just too excited adjusting the tripod and almost didnt make it to be back to his seat when the timer already ticking. I didnt have the picture yet, its still in my sister thumbdrive. I shall put it up later.

Yes, we r the type who always wear our best(ikut our best terms la kan..takdelah fancy2 sgt pun) during raya. We do all those sedondon type of baju every year normally on the 1st to 3rd day. But tahun nih, failed. Elin & co in dark blue on 1st day, KT clan all greenish turqoisey. On 2nd and 3rd day all down the drain, and when we do 6th day photo snap, lagi horror. But i am glad we did it. I bet Aa will have red teary eyes missing us when he is in Japan next yr. Now are u sure you wanna stay 4 yrs in Nagoya and not coming back at all in that 4 yrs stint bro?

Let me tell u something abt my brother of mine. He is a manja mummy boy. Seriously manja to the boot. Ahaks, no kidding man. So when my mum passed away he is definitely harder to deal with. The incidents hurts and hit us badly and he is one case that till today coping is another story to talk about. So imagine my worry till now on how is he going to survive in Japan. He eats chicken and meat a lot. Not a seafood lover, and only takes fish with less bones the one like tenggiri. He dun even know how to cook or even fried a single chicken. But he did well in those u know things like maggi mee, nuggets, burgers, but he can do his own d-i-y pizza provided all those instant dough is at home. Whatever it is, I hope he will do well in coping with it.

Anyway this tale is nothing. It is just another update for a just normal day since received few messages pestering me to update. Point to note:-

  • I am boarding 8pm flight to kl tonight
  • we’re 1 step closer to something big by november 2007. Tak sbr2 menanti
  • tmrw is my ‘mum & son outing’
  • fruit cake order opens again
  • I come with 1 bag, but tonight i’m having 2 extra boxes. 1 for tonnes of kek lapis, another 1 with terubuk, udang kering & bilis. I am ripped off here

Till then, toodles peep.


6 Responses to “raya and Aa”

  1. rini Says:

    Aci ke pos ikan terubok sekor ?

    Heh, I want to see the big thing jugak, bekilat kilah eh !
    bau kedai hahahahahahaha !

    take care !

  2. kaezrin Says:

    kalau buleh pos mak pos…terima ker pos oz tuh?? ahaks….

    oh u sure will get to catch a glimpse of it and belai2 it nanti…:))

  3. emly2175 Says:

    mmmm ! ikan terubuk masin! sedapnya..

  4. aisha Says:

    Akak, jangan risau about aa.. drpd citer akak, dia sebijik mcm adik saya nyer hal la..skrg he also in japan, ada lagik 2tahun kat sana.. he tak makan seafood langsung.. ari2 makan mesti ada ayam.. memang anak emak..skrang, dah takder choice kat sana, ikan bilis pun dia telan jer la..dah pandai masak sambal.. buleh survive nyer la.. so good luck aa…

  5. cik kieli Says:

    don’t worry, i think your brother will be celebrating raya every year in malaysia since the summer hols here is august-till early october and next year raya will be early october and getting earlier every year.

    cuma tak bestnya tak dapat nak buke pose awal kul 430pm sebab dah summer but summer here cam malaysia aje takdelah maghrib kul 9 ke apa.

    ezra-kun, gambatte ne!! rainen aimashou!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    hi there,
    i emailed you a lot regarding the order of fruit cake
    should you not get it or it somehow went into the spam, please do check ur mails, thanks
    i would like to order a 1.3kg fruit cake that’s selling at RM55
    pls email me back at stephenhahn82@hotmail.com
    thank you very much
    btw, this is urgent.

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