I crave for attention now.

In Kota Kin@balu now.

Got free internet access and I am now busy clearing my inbox waiting to hit the bed.

Dead tired and couldnt wait for this week to be over.

Been thinking on how credit card is maxed out due to hotels, cab and so many other things. Dang!

And..it will be another 1.5months to get the next big thing. Cit! Killing my anticipation but in time to be a belated birthday gift. Whatever!

Will update more later. Toodles peep. Stalk me people, I am so missing people interaction due to no social life for the past 3 months. Aghhhh

p/s: I know I am mean so bear with me or just leave me alone will ya! :)) Expect more sponsored post in couple of days as advertisers are chasing me. I love it! More $$$ coming in..

See ya!


2 Responses to “I crave for attention now.”

  1. oya h Says:

    Baru tgk phone..ada missed call.. I’ll call u today! 🙂

  2. kaezrin Says:

    u better do…ahaks…i nak ajak u shopping pearls….and nak makan kepakkkkk

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