darling baby

Yesterday was another day where things were upside down in the morning. That was my body state. You just feel so lazy, tired, weak, nauseous and all drowsy. So get myself a day off and spend the morning curling with Efi on the bed whilst hubby patiently waited for us to finally wake up to send him to the office.

We left the house close to 10 and reached KL just on time for hubby’s event. So, what should a mother and son do next? I decided we take a lazy tour to OU and just walk around for once its been ages since my last mall trip and I just loves going to OU on normal days, not on the crowded weekend.

Both of us just went in-out the shop, i tried so many maternity wear and I so love Promod tunic but managed to refrain myself from buying. I dunno, I lost interest in buying things these day especially when it comes to my stuffs. I gave 101% interest to my boy yesterday. Its time to give something back to him after months of being left behind due to my working travels and what.

Well, 4 hours inside with only RM15 stuffs from JJ stationaries that he wants. We settle for lunch at Nandos and do a quick groceries at Giants. We left OU around 4 and he told me he loves me very much for being with him. Oh my boy. U really made my day!


3 Responses to “darling baby”

  1. zyi Says:

    hi kaezrin, im pretty sure i saw u and ur hensemboy khilfi at OU yesterday. 🙂 wearing black n white top.. khilfi was so well behaved inside his stroller..

    p/s: was the one asking abt ur shopblog’s previous template. manage to find it already. thanks!

  2. Fabmama Says:

    So sweet! Am so jealous, I can’t wait to hear it from my boy!

  3. Munie Says:

    hi kak elin! 😉

    tried leaving a comment b4 tp asyik takleh je. internet connection kat sini mcm ape ntah. just wanted to say hi n tanya khabar ni. 😀 regards to Efi oh and BIG congratulations on your recent pregnancy yea..


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