I am..

….practically busy.

Its nearing the year end but it has not stopping us to slow down. More system cut over, more implementation review, more reports and everything must be ready by this and that. Pening kepala makcik. What with my GM suddenly asking for new PIP formation and what not and its not helping that everyone kind of not in the mood already. Aghh! Mak tension.

But I play cool this time around. And oh I.am.so.good.with.multitasking isn’t it. I supposedly stop putting my YM on available mode, so I wont get distracted. But since I.am.so.good.with.multitasking I have been chatting around happily and still shooting emails here and there plus managed to get done with the slides. But i still have one big task pending which I have no idea on where to start with. I work better under pressure and reward i guess.

Anyway left that behind. I am calling the day off early today. Supposed to be at home by 430pm for some delivery to be send to our door, some shelving unit which we didnt realised come a bit too long to fit in our car so x pasal2 kena pay for delivery. Chait.

Well, till then, adios.


One Response to “I am..”

  1. rini Says:

    Eventho you’re busy, but we are still in touch via email eh ?

    Take Care

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