I just feel like telling….

I went to UM this afternoon to visit my brother. Its more like a drop off. Sent some food stuffs and clothing and as usual will be pow’ed’ for some cash. Takde keje lain adik ku. Its easy having him so close, just next door from my office. But it wont be long, next yr its another different story.

Its been some time that I indulge in Efi’s story kan. My son is now truly a ‘certified computer geek’. He can be left behind looking at PHDC webbie for ages, but we put a time limits for each session. So far he tolerates well with our command. On his normal nursery day, he only have night time to catch up with it. But we do not want him to be glued to it ONLY like he has no life at all. So, when we reached home, we ensure that he gets to has some fresh air real fun outdoor. Hubby will bring him to the park for him to get on a slide or two, get on a swing or cycle around the park. It’s a good habit i think at least for my son.

We try to have early dinner and he will be off for shower and then its a sit for a while time. He will sit for a while do some colouring, and talked to us and what not before he finally can has his full blast FUN(from Efi’s eye) with the pc. He knows how to click on the explorer on his own and choose PHDC from the favourite. he even knows to shut it down again later. By 930 warning is up that he should stop playing. I normally give a 30 minute grace period. In that 30 minutes, he will drinks a cup of fresh milk and a small tub of yogurt or banana or some raisin or whatever as a supper. By 10-1030 he shall be sleeping safe and sound.

it sounds perfect? I kid u not. Sometimes, the stubborn in Efi can drag the whole thing till 11+ which i already turn into singa lapar by then. I know its quite late to settle for bed at 10ish but he wakes up around 730 everyday and has afternoon nap like 2 hrs at least. So i guess that is fine with him right.

But well, he loooks so skinny compared to how he was so chubby when a lil baby. But he gained another kilos recently which his now weight around 13.5kg-14kg. But he did grew taller day by day, mostly outgrown his jeans and what not.

He ate a lot lah. I have hard time to get all his food prepared in the morning since he still rejects the food at the school. Normally I will tapau from home all of this every morning for his daily needs.

  • a tupperware of 3 slices of raisin bread (gardenia Toiast em, he just love it)
  • 4 slice of bread with peanut butter+jelly/nutella/kaya+butter
  • 2 pcs of banana, 1 buns/pau &
  • a tuperware of fried rice+egg/noodles/rice+soup.

See how much of things he will eat daily. I will give a tumbler of juice, a box of milk and another tumbler of plain water. Dinner time he will have a full set of rice with chicken/meat/fish and some veggie soup or whatever. But its all full serving. And as usual the milk and yogurt/raisin before tido. Tapi see anak mak, keding comel ajer. but if u get a punch from Efi, it goes right to ur tulang i bet. Sakit giller. So kuat one.

Well, whatever it is, I am happy with my son no matter how people perceive him. He may not be as friendly as other kids and he may also not get well with crowd but he is just happy to be the way he is. After all, he is healthy, and he lead a good life from my point of view definitely.

I started on a self-tuition iqra’s with him Only recently like 2 weeks ago. Not bad. I tot all this while he only memerise the alif ba ta, but he actually recognised the words. I randomly ask him any words, he can recognised it at one glance. But I am not putting high hope on this Iqra’ yet just to get him some momentum and he did has a sessions on mengenal huruf alif ba ta at his nursery. And he can write his own name already on paper. Who is not proud of their kids kan, if not the parents kan. matilah mak brag anak mak sendiri, pedulik apa kan.

Well, I am just happy so come this entry today. And this is also an update for his Godmother cum girlfriend in Queensland dgn ucapan ” silalah BERSHOPPING utk kami anak beranak come this December ok.

Toodles peeps

p/s: better late than never, Efi dah diapers FREE days and night since a MONTH ago. he has been with no diapers during day time for quite some time but I am just so afriad of risking my new tilam yg best tuh, until I get tired wasting unsoil diapers every morning. Its quite an easy journey for myself to get Efi to be off diapers, its another story some other days.


10 Responses to “I just feel like telling….”

  1. Tyha Says:

    Beratlah juga budak Efi..Najmi barulah 12.3kg je berat dia.Mybe Efi tinggi kot eeek.Tyha pon tengah risau…sebab mkn Najmi nak masuk kindergarten.Dulu pernah transit dia 3 hari di Nurseri…seharian mamat tu x makan…so this time teacher dah siap2 pesan…kena bawa bekal dari rumah.Hari2lah Mama kena masak nasi lemak ..;)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hahahhahah efi kurus bukan sbb tak cukup makan, it’s just high metabolism ok? macam gf dia gak hahahahahahaah

    yalah2 december aku shopping, jangan lupa hantar fulus sahaja!

    -efi’s gf-

  3. mrika Says:

    aaawww… so nice. and yes, rightfully too – you’re the mom, who better to praise the a child than the child’s own mother? it’s not about braggin (at least, i don’t see it that way). it’s that peace of mind you give yourself too when you watch your child move on to the next stage in life, picking up and excelling in new skills. writing his own name, is not one to be neglected either. be proud, i say! 🙂

    well done, efi. and well done to the parents too for raising him well.

  4. Ija Says:

    Omigod lil Efi is so cute! sangat comel… sure byk gals suka nanti 😛

  5. Irm Says:

    of course!! our kids are always the best in our eyes.. hehehehe..

    it’s a good thing jugak lah you pack kan the food for him to take during the day. at least u know what he eat.. kan? kan? kan? tak de lah risau sangat pasal food poisoning ke etc..


    baby kicking well eh? *hugs*

  6. ummi Says:

    iman is 3 and weights like 15-16kg. still wants to dukung like babies. mak dia yang makyong ni jugeklah sengsara.

    thin or not, as long as sihat – that’s good enough.

  7. aisha Says:

    Kak Elin.. high tech nyer efi.. siap guna laptop tanpa guna mouse lagik.. sungguh lembut jari itu.. hehehe.. kagum kagum.. apapun dia still cute!!

  8. mom2Que Says:

    eh ok jek i tgk efi masa i jumpa that day. beselah tu awal2 jumpa mana nak frenly.. we adults pun can take some time to be-fren other people let alone kids kan.. Mak aii banyaknye makan i soo understand the preparing part every morning can be so tiresome. i’m doing that as well altho ada bibik but kata nak bagi air tangan mak kena la bersusah sikit everyday kan..

    bravo efi dah pandai main internet later mama efi kena beli another new laptop la for him alone huhuhu

  9. Kartini Says:


    sapa lagi yg nak eksen pasal anak sendiri kalau bukan mama dia kan :D.

    anyway aaaaa efi dah pandai tulis. anak i malas no nak bukak buku. dapat dai pegang pencil pun dah kira bertuah dah hehe….takpe slow slow…nanti kita catch up efi ok ….


  10. Farra Says:

    kak elin, cemana nak train malam2 diapers free? bagi le tips sket..my son dah almost 2 months diapers free during the day jek

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