I got my early gift. Its small, sweet and just nice. Hubby commented that I can strike one from my wish list. Excuse me, I dun even have one. But today is one happy day. As my good friend always said I always get what I want”. And in my case , today is one of the day where I can happily say her mantra. Enuff said, I am happy happy happy. Now waiting anxiously for Mid dec to arrive. Anxiously waiting.

Oh i just hate this whole waiting thingimajing………

Have a nice weekend peeps.


6 Responses to “Surprise”

  1. rini Says:

    Nak nengooook !
    Bau leather kah, Elin ?

  2. kaezrin Says:

    yes bau leather and mak vencisss camera mak kongggggggggg..nnt i snappy2 la..

  3. MummyHanis Says:

    heheh dapat handbag laa tuuu!! bestnyerr!! 😉

  4. Mommy at Home Says:

    Bau leather Paris ke? Hehehe

  5. Anonymous Says:

    huhuhu.. aikk.. i tot u’re done with hbags?? 😛

    aniway, congratsssssss!!! sila tepek gambar yaaaa…


  6. kaezrin Says:

    hanis: no handbag…nope nope nope…

    mommyathome: ahaks..bukan la…its a small thing that means so big..

    matun: sapa kata handbag cepat ajer hang jump into the conclusion..kan aku mmg dah tutup buku dgn bag..kekekekeke….no gambar kemara sudah kong…

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