more in life

Oh i am knackered. Only got back after hours of spending outside and not to mention its super duper hot today. Pregnant mom and hot weather doesnt blends well i bet.

Well, I realise today how time is running very very FAST. Its nearly year end and definitely so many things happened throughout the year. I gain some I did lose some aint it.

I vowed to make things move better in early of the year, and I glad some turns as how i intend it to be. Things like moving to a new house, add a family members(along the way now), starts on saving again after house movingA(slowly progressing) and so many other things. But some things still at the same pace which seriously need some nursing to be done ie debt, bad spending habits( slowly ditching..i did) and whatever.

Yes, I still have that impulsive spending habits esp on Efi’s stuffs. I go slow on mine in fact very very slow on my stuffs and I can say I stop at all in shoes and handbag already. The last splurge was eons ago. I even have no desire for it at the moment(i hope it will not diminish at all coz It’s really fun to look at all those beauty stuffs at those racks at that certain shop..oh u know what I mean…) but it did save a lot of money. I even channel all my paid post money bidding for other things on the internet which is so good of myself. I realise I have biggger obligation now and adding a new family members definitely is not like buying a piece of cake right.

And today, hubby and I register ourselves for Hajj. A first time for hubby and a 2nd trip for myself. KT Clan is proceeding as well and we are trying to get on board in 5 yrs time. That’s a big target if Allah permits. So, part of all my reality needs, kids, education, living and all, my soul need some funds now to cleanse it. It may be a huge thing to start saving at, but I do need it. I miss those Holy land badly. And knowing last year at this point of time, I am running around excitedly waiting for my flight to leave for Madinah, the feeling is just priceless. I pay for any figure to get those feeling again. Those serene peaceful feeling of being in fronf of the Kaabah, the beauty of being at the Arafa’, doing those tawaf and just sitting in Al-Haram.

Well, I may not be a perfect Muslim but I am trying to be better. If u have the same intention, seriously, take those early baby steps. Don’t be afraid. There’s always a way for us to be there. The first one is as simple as ABC. Trust me.

Hence, I am trying(the key words here) to start saving again for the big journey. Sacrifices has to be made, definitely, coz in the mean time, I still love some little luxuries in life like the chance of seeing other places, buying some lil stuffs to cheer me up and dressing up my boy and my other kid later. So, I am back to decluttering and reorganising my life and my money and everything. If u have the chance remind me if i get skidded away please.

Till then, toodles.

p/s: But, I still need to get a new compact digicam as the old one kong’ed’ already.; Tense tense tense.


14 Responses to “more in life”

  1. rini Says:

    Everything doesnt come cheap nowadays, but as long as we know how to manage it, insyaAllah there should be no prob at all.

    I know day passes by so quick, and now we are moving to the end of the year dah. Cepat sungguh !
    I will be flying on Hari Raya Haji, perhaps Etihad ada buat celebration ke sembelih kambing on board ?
    hahahahahahahahah !

    take care

  2. Pinkwatch Says:

    I like this entry..yup.. the step is like an ABC.. it’s simple.. it’s really up to us to take the step or not… InsyaAllah, semua nye yg baik2 sahaja utk Elin and co….

    take care u dear


  3. Anonymous Says:

    betul ke nieh nak kurangkan shopping? looking at the list I just got from you, dengan last line mengandungi perkataan handbag he he macam tak percaya. cis.

    anyways. good luck,insyaAllah boleh. aku percaya kau better management in everything than I am šŸ™‚


  4. ummi Says:

    you spend because you still can. i used to have balances of just a few ‘puluh sen’ from gaji long time ago. shopping tak ingat dunia punya pasal. but now, it’s 10:10:70 rules.
    10 for savings
    10 for giving
    70 for spending

    and I am looking to decrease that 70 to maybe 60 or even 50 and increase my saving (nak pegi haji before 40 insyaAllah) my husband is quite calculative. bukanlah kedekut but he doesn’t buy things we don’t really need. enough said.

  5. ummi Says:

    btw, let’s share some ideas on digicam tu. akak pun nak beli baru ganti kodak tu. i’m thinking on canon. bukan dlsr lah.

  6. zatul saliza Says:

    oh, I love you for inspiring me to visit the holy land. Ye la dr membeli brg itu ini tah mcm2 benda tak penting baik pergi haji kan. Dah la benda tu perkara yg wajib (bg yg mampu). At least pergi haji dulu then baru lah pikir yg unneccasry things tu (like how I drool for super MAC computers and DSLR campur dedua tu dah leh gi haji).

  7. Lily Safiyya Says:


    Mami Lily nak tempah kek buah kukus untuk Hari Raya Haji ni boleh? Nak yg RM55 tu. kalau boleh nak ambik 4 hari sblm raya…

    kalau blh hubungi saya : 012-231 6057 (Rina)

  8. Aidan's Mommy Says:

    true.. having babies mean having to cut down on shopping for ourself… huwaaa!!!! shopping for babies no need to cut down kan..hehehe i just cannot stop shopping for babies…

  9. Aidan's Mommy Says:

    true.. having babies mean having to cut down on shopping for ourself… huwaaa!!!! shopping for babies no need to cut down kan..hehehe i just cannot stop shopping for babies…

  10. kaezrin Says:

    rini: yes u r so right…kalau tersasar mampus so i always kena beringat kan…btw kalau ader sembelih kambing oin board mmg vast la nok..

    dilla: u too take nbila nak balik msia lagi ni…

    ika: ok ok betul..handbag tuh aku gurau ajer..tak koser aku….but still on baby and efi stuffs still on..itu dah mmg budgeted earlier..nnt aku finalise on what to trsfr to u ok..

    ummi: yes coz i still can but i also can channel it to saving sebenornyer..klekekekeke….but yeah coming 2008 lagi scary p[rojecting rege minyak nak naik and all…oh well we still havent decide on the camera thingy..contemplating…

    zatul: glad its inspire u..berdikit2 ok dear…and i love the idea of u sending ameer to that islamic pre-school…kat area puchong nih agak failed la benda2 gini…

    mummy lily: i need to chk either any baking willbe done for this eid or not..i will contact u ok..

    dots: itulah probs i…kalau utk diri sendiri dah buleh duduk diam but if for the babies adoi la…

  11. Kopi Suam Says:

    Alhamdulillah….semoga dimurahkan rezeki Elin..mana tahu kot2 kita berjumpa di sana 5 tahun lagi…

    Akak InsyaALLAH will buat umrah beberapa bulan lagi sebagai permulaan and pendedahan sebelum membayar hutang haji kepada ALLAH

    InsyaALLAH kelas pun dah start dah sekarang.

    Take care

  12. rozie Says:

    I wish to be there soon..

  13. Tyha Says:

    Wish all you dream come true…You can do it!

  14. Delia Says:

    aminnnnn…i doakan u dpt gi haji lagi ok? i penah gi umrah..tapi blom penah gi it is in my ‘to do’ list. maybe when i’m back in KL and earn my own money, I can start saving again for that. i rasa i pun cam dah over bab2 nak beli handbag lagi elin..suddenly after i found out i’m preggie again, that need to shop for more bags just diminished! seriously! aik? takkan anak boy lagi kan? kalau anak gal mesti dia nak mummy dia shopping!! hahahahahha
    eh eh! let me know how u manage to get efi to go diaper free!! Hareth’s turning 4 next year and i have not started potty training him! and with baby number 3 (insyaallah) lagi byk duit nak guna beli diapers! waaaaaaaa

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