finger cross

I am not a player in our own ‘infamous’ KLSE. But these past few days I am monitoring The Co. perfomance and lo and behold its doing pretty good. So today I pick up my phone and finally dialled my remiser and asked him to put 1/2 of my lot from the esos for selling. If it sail through, hohoho…mak sukala…. I like!!!!

Not the Esos, but i realise I got USD40 for all reviews i’ve made before. NYehnyehnyeh!


One Response to “finger cross”

  1. ummi Says:

    11 something yek nowadays? good for you. i let go everything already.

    ps – someone in my office sang her heart loud semalam sbb dapat jual hg durian runtuh.. tu yang akak tau harga saham tinggi tu..

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