morning regime

Every morning, we will have a morning walk within my office building. We will walk from his nursery to the -1 food court area, get some food, count the stairs, birds, stop by the water fountain, and then we count on our steps on the escalator, get out from the main lobby and walk back to the nursery using the side alley. Along the way we stop by to watch the plants and play lil bit of skipping games until we reached the nursery. That 15 min moments of joy is useful and priceless.
I am glad dat I have this chance to do so with Efi despite working. We normally reached my office earlier these days since its school holiday. On normal basis its 745onwards, but now if we’re lucky we reached the parking ard 720am. We still left the house at 645am as usual. Yes, its super duper early but now I can say we are used to it. Efi will still be sleeping. He only will bewaken up when we reach the office.
Back to our morning routine, before we go for the walk, I will spend 10 minutes to get him to take his shower and put on fresh clothes and etc. Then after the walk and buying food stuffs or some drinks or whatever, i will spend an extra 10 minutes to get him to eat his brekkie. By 8 to 815 I slowly will left the nursery and get onto the lift to go to my office at 29th floor.
All in all its an additional 45minutes of spending precious moment with efi in the morning. The beauty of having the kindy right at ur office door step. Even it may not be anything fancy, but it will do for my 3+yrs old boy. Next yr its still going to be the same nursery. Only in 2009, I will start sending him to other kindy which has yet to be define.
So now, its cracking head time for adik baby. I have yet to really plan what is it like when I am done with my confinement later.
Well, till then, toodles.

12 Responses to “morning regime”

  1. ummi Says:

    good for you and efi. for kids, little things matter. when they grow up, they may be physically separated from us but that emotional bond will always remain, depending on how we instill that feeling.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That’s like my mundane routine.
    Drop Adam and school with fresh and clean baju seme, and by the time I go and pick him up at 3pm …baju penoh dengan kaler, tangan pon bekaler kaler jugak ..and he will start telling me this and that.
    But, i’d normally spend 5-10 minutes catching up with his teachers.

    What ive been doing 3 days a week, something that my husband cant experience. Whatever it is, am the first to see and witness. Like swimming, every Tuesday. Bapak dia dengar ajer lah petang petang sat lagi or besok nya.

    It aint easy being a full mum, but i wont complain !

    – rini –

  3. Tyha Says:

    Memanglah Elin…ada banyak masa sikit ngan anak2 kalau nursery dekat ngan opis.Najmi baru 3 hari di Nurseri…hari2 Cranky!Harap2 minggu depan dia dah ok…;)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    komen ni takda kena mengena ngan entri ni.. ni entri semalam punya komen.. ko dapat esos ke?? contract dapat ke?? boleh makan hati ni… hehehe.. kalau dapat, kenduri besar besaran la ko ek.. πŸ˜›


  5. OndeOnde Says:

    happy belated birthday, the roses bouquet is lovely!

    Alhamdulillah tambah rezeki on investment!

    dulu2 ya I keluar rumah 6.45am, now cuti sekolah ni laaagi lambat, 8am baru nak terhegeh keluar..spend masa dulu dgn anak.

  6. kaezrin Says:

    ummi: u r just so right..

    rini: mmg keje mak tak lari kan cam gitu…and yes the priviledge pun byk dpt kat kita kan..

    Tyha: wahh najmi dah advance one stage pi nursery…insya allah few days more he will be fine ok..

    matun: esos dpt jugak okeh…aku dah redeem sume last july mmg duduk terlanguk dlm CDS tuh..dah share tgh naik ni aktiflah aku bergerak..dok dpt dividend ajer all these while..kena cari jalan makan busat sikit…:P

    kakwani: thanx a lot..itulah ari tuh mula2 we all kuar lambat but ended up susah nak dpt parking kat area office nih lecehs still kuar awal so i spend time at the school with efi but we all 530 sharp dah vrooms balik rumah…

  7. Aidan's Mommy Says:

    I am stil learng how 2 take care of da boys. When 1 cries da otr 1 pun nak cry jugak. Aidan vry jeles if im wth bb. Pening jugak. Huhu

  8. Aidan's Mommy Says:

    I am stil learng how 2 take care of da boys. When 1 cries da otr 1 pun nak cry jugak. Aidan vry jeles if im wth bb. Pening jugak. Huhu

  9. kaezrin Says:

    aiyo dots…nanti i nih camna la plak…

  10. mrika Says:

    That really is some precious 45 minutes time well-spent with your lil one. Any lil bit of time with your child is precious no doubt, but like you said, for someone who works (not that I can speak from experience myself, but can only imagine la), it’s made even more precious a 45-minute period, kan? πŸ™‚

    Happy for you, to have the luxury of hvg him at a nursery just below your office space.

  11. ZAM Says:

    Bestnya ada nursery kat office. Jealous2x!!

  12. lazydaisy Says:

    elin nak tips ke handle two boys ??? heheh for efi i think he will be ok sebab dia dah besar, dia akan sayang gile kat adik dia nanti…aidan tu sebab he still doesnt understand kan mcm my second ni, aduiii saba je

    actually i sendiri pun need help how to survive nanti when april come…hmm tak lama lagi nak tulis entry pasal ni la

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