My sister is in the labour room already.

Dad is way far in Dubai, I am stranded in KL and that’s leave her with her hubbya nd thnak God her MIL is in KT who managed to cancel her trip too. I hope she will be ok, and I cant wait to see my niece.

She is 2 weeks early, exacly 14 days. EDD supposed to be 20th Dec. Another Saggitarius baby. I shall keep u updated. Baby, do come safe and sound and Ian, be strong, I know u can do it. I shall be the good aunty and splurge my niece after this.


4 Responses to “countdown”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    why do i foresee an additional requests on the shopping list? hahahahahaa.

    keep us updated! and when would you be back to KT to visit the niece?

  2. Tyha Says:

    Moga Ian dah selamat melahirkan ye.Bestlah Elin,nak dapat anak sedara pertama ni sama happy mcm nak dapat anak pertama jugakan..;).

  3. Pinkwatch Says:

    camne? ian dah bersalin??? semoga selamat semuanya! selamat jadi auntie!!!

  4. naddy Says:

    wah mesti seronok nak dpt niece kan… congrats… do upload pics ye

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