Happy Ocassion

I got a niece now. Baby Girl, 3.05kg Nik Adrianna(Insya Allah).

Both mum & daughter are doing great despite Ian need to undergo a c-sect (more stories later).

I am flying back with efi tomorrow for a short stay till Monday. Hubby is staying behind.

The plan for tmrw will b going to meet the gynae in the morning and took the ERL to KLIA for the flight at noon. I just cant wait to see the latest addition in our family. Even Efi is excited and overjoyed.


9 Responses to “Happy Ocassion”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Congratulations Ian & Nik.
    Baby girl, syoknyaaaaa !


  2. Anonymous Says:

    alhamdullilah. congrats to ian and hubby 🙂

  3. ummi Says:

    tho she doesn’t know me, pse send my tahniah to Ian. c-sect or no c-sect, as long semua selamat, alhamdulillah. welcome aboard!

  4. aida Says:

    tahniah! nanti kak elin bolehlah splurge beli gaun yang cantik-cantik.. hehehe

  5. NunuCute Says:

    Congrats Ian & Nik….

    Lin..bestnya…have a safe journey back to KT…

    Take care dear!

  6. SSC Says:

    congrats to elin’s sis!! alhamdulillah 🙂

  7. Pinkwatch Says:

    congrats to ian and nik…. krem salam pada ian nanti… ! i am sure the baby girl tu nnt comel macam efi!

    u two have a save journey k??

  8. wan Says:

    Tahniah to mek yan.. ish bestnya bb baru lahir.. bau dia.. iskk..

  9. Kitty Pryde Says:

    congrats on getting a new niece! how nice!

    oh btw, you said you were clearing your wardrobe of stuff. did you sell it off or gave it away?

    kalau selling it update la ye…

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