i am still here

Just got the chance to actually login to the net and clear up all those work related screaming emails. I hate it, only few more days till the long leave, I just cant wait.

I’ve spent about 5 days in KT and feeling so good abt it. Reached KL yesterday and so malas to do anything. We were on air for few good minutes due to heavy rain so apa kes flight takleh nak landed, tension tuls. I missed baby Nina badly.

Anyway, this is some shots of Nik Adriana aka Baby Nina.

Some Stats: Nik Adriana 3.05kg, 55cm. Tinggi lampai anak sedaraku. She got her dad nose and mouth but the eyes and chin exactly like my late mum. Oh well. But I am glad all is ok now and she is settling down well at home.

I feel better after my sis gave birth, as if one tonne of burden being lift from my shoulder, now i have another 2 big events to close the year. One is another kenduri at home this eid for we will be having a korban session in front of our yard as usual and then the Aqiqah will take place for Nina and the solat hajat for me too. Then the next big thing is the arrival of another ‘family members’ 2 at one go. One already in, another one will be around in a weeks time. I cant wait. Tak sabar2 okeh!

So peeps, we will keep in touch ok. Toodles peep.


16 Responses to “i am still here”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    syomelnyerrrrr baby girl nih. Putih melepak !

    – rini –

  2. rina Says:

    cute giler baby nina…

  3. aida Says:

    very chubby.. hai, bilalah nak merasa dpt baby girl lagiii šŸ™‚

  4. Mrs.R a.k.a Emi Says:

    Alhamdulillah n Congratulations to all of u esp. nik+ian ( i penah satu kelas dgn nik dulu)
    Sgt comey baby nina ni…hadiah utk family akak la ni..after kehilangan ibunda tersayang…
    Ian bersalin kat hospital mana kat Kt tu?

  5. OndeOnde Says:


    my second daughter born sepancang 55cm jugak!

    she’s all lanky now tak macam mak dia yang tembun! hehehehe….

    baby nina sagittarius macam I!

    congrats to your sister!

  6. Aidan & Adnans' Mommy Says:

    Oh she is so cute and tinggi..macam Aidan

    Hmm bila laa pulak nak dapat anak perempuan nie…huwaaa!!

  7. Aidan & Adnans' Mommy Says:

    Oh she is so cute and tinggi..macam Aidan

    Hmm bila laa pulak nak dapat anak perempuan nie…huwaaa!!

  8. Pinkwatch Says:

    baby nina comel!! rasa nak gigigigigigigigiitttt!!! grrr,,,,!

    nak baby pompuan jugak!!

  9. Tyha Says:

    Wah…mesti aunty dia rindu tahap gaban la ni kat bb Dina ye.Emmmm….ramai rupanya yang x merasa dapat bb pompuan lagi eekkkk….satu kapallah kita…;)

  10. Wawa Says:

    babe, bila u punya due?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    i soo want baby girl…!!

    congrats untuk adik ko.


  12. rozie Says:

    geram tgk pipi dia!!
    welcome nina..

  13. mom2Que Says:

    comellll.. i miss having a lil baby on my arms…

  14. mardhiah12 Says:

    bestnya….dpt baby girl
    boleh belikan gaun cantik2 šŸ™‚
    pls send regards to ur sis

  15. Munie Says:

    baby nina looks like Efi time kecik2 dulu kan? šŸ˜€ comelnyaaaaa šŸ˜€


  16. shay Says:

    she’s a cutie…kulit putih melepak cam ko aa elin…

    rasanya cam baru je your sis kawin…time flies faster than we thought eh..nenanti efi lak main sama baby baru ko..syiokknyaaa..

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