i feel happy

I am tired but feeling excited. On few highlights worth mentioning:-

Lil Family updates
For once, Hubby is overwhelming due to few reasons.
1) Co. awarded an employee recognition award and he got one and was awarded a few hundreds spending money. All gone in 2 days hunts at all 3 M&S outlets in KLCC, OU and Gardens. The sale is worth visiting and i think he went bonkers but I am happy for him.
2) His co. also had been generous as they announce a new policy as more allowances shall be reimburse to employee and we will benefiting on the new travel allowance and child care fees now. Rezeki Tuhan kasi. Alhamdulillah. The amount may not be very big but it is very significant in every single transaction these days. After all even RM50 shall give u a breathier day after all right?
3) the next big things is here. Its officially arrived in KT yesterday. Now it stays side by side with the one for my dad and we cant wait to get our butt in KT this wednesday. Ohhh la la.

Myself is more than one happy chap too. 3 events above showed an obvious big smile on my face. Without it already I am happy, with those 3 obviously happier. Its a sign, Allah is giving it back to us now. We are making a progress slowly. We may not be thousands ringgit richer but all this rezeki definitely help our domestic arrangement. Healthwise I am doing ok. I have slight pain here and there and lil bit of cramps on night at time but its all bearable. I am anxiously waiting to go back to KT as our last trips for 2007 and maybe the last one before I give birth as I didn’t forsee myself travelling anymore la, for the next couple of months.

As for Khilfi, he is doing ok, slowly adjusting to the prospect of becoming a big brother. One day he is all excited but at times, he can be a pain in the %*# for being stubborn but what should I expect a growing kids with great demand. Yet overall he is my sunshine and I am all in for his goodness.

Travel route
KL-Putr*j*aya Highwaw rawks. Seriously. I can reach Bangsar within 25 minutes these days providing NP*E is clear sky. Now we will wait for the toll announecement and do the cost and benefit. And once the interchange right in the smack of out house completed, I definitely can reach the office in a span of 15minutes no joke. But that only going to materialise in 2009, work is on going already, and prolly our house value will move up the ladder too. I am happy.

See i told u I am happy now. But last night my heart cried. Did u catch Channel 511-Revealed: Hajj. Its almost a year and every thing seems so fresh still. I must.save.extra.hard so I shall be able to go there sooner than i plan. I just missed it badly.

Till then, toodles peeps.


11 Responses to “i feel happy”

  1. Aidan & Adnans' Mommy Says:

    Am happy for you both.. patutlaa happy sakan kat MS OU…

    Hope to see you at Adnan’s Aqiqah..nanti will sms the invites

  2. Aidan & Adnans' Mommy Says:

    Am happy for you both.. patutlaa happy sakan kat MS OU…

    Hope to see you at Adnan’s Aqiqah..nanti will sms the invites

  3. lazydaisy Says:

    good for you on the extra rezeki
    alhamdullilah rezeki baby tu…

    pray hard rumah kite naik harga cepat cepat eh. at least worth the investment 🙂

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Congrate to Jaz.

    Tu seme rezeki baby that you’re carrying.

    Dah sampai dah that ” thing ” Wah, musti bau kedai & cat hahahahahahaha.

    – rini –

    ps : I might be getting mine somewhere around my birthday next year. Been thinking about it, it’s about time to change.

  5. kaezrin Says:

    dots: itulah we were splurging on that so called reward money mmg specially meant to get soemthing for hubby pun since u know the deal was superb kan…berejam ok dots..the next day pi klcc plak buleh??? ok lemme know d details for adnan do ok…kalau clash time with my sis adopila…but we will try k..

    nisa: u r so right..mmg praying sgt its going to be higher…even i do not think of selling it tho’ penat memikirkan hasil nk pindah randah renovation and what not later..i am happy with my small little crib now…

    rini: yes..indeed bau kedai yg hebat..and looks who is progressing well too…whats d catch like nanti?? keep me updated ok..

  6. Kopi Suam Says:

    alhamdulillah semoga elin & family dimurahkan rezeki oleh ALLAH amin…

  7. rafiqaheliza Says:

    Alhamdulillah..rezeki anak tu. My hubby selalu ckp mcm ni “Hidup ni umpama roda, kekdg di bawah, kekdg di atas, kekdg kita susah, kekdg kita senang, kekdg happy, kekdg sedih.” That is so true, kan?

  8. amyz! Says:

    congratulations.. 🙂 rezeki anak tu.. hihi..

    amy dah try hiway kl-ptjaya tu. best gila sebab dapat elak jam kat jln tun razak tu. turun kat bukit jalil, zooom ke cheras. peh, best!

    Tapi, sampai bdr tasik selatan.. start jam balik… DUH!!

  9. MRSHUSiN Says:

    congrats! seronok dapat rezeki melimpah2… especially $$$!

    wonder if i am getting some extra pocket $$$ this year! macam lama je tak belanja diri sendiri! hehehe…

  10. OndeOnde Says:

    I remember watching the Hajj program and on the nites of Hari Raya, there’s Datuk Hasan on Oasis channel – that’s made me more determined. InsyaAllah, we both shall be there sooner than we think.

    On rezeki, Alhamdulillah for what Allah has bestowed upon us – Eliza is right, sometimes we are at the top of the wheel, and some other time at the bottom, nevertheless we should always be thankful for what we have no matter how small that is.

    Take care.

    apa lah agaknya yang bau kedai tu? new wheels? 🙂

  11. aida Says:

    kak elin, nanti pergi sama-sama ek haji again 😀

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