Happy New Year

Well, I finished reading For One More Day by Mitch Albom today. I ended up sitting thinking if I were given those chance, what will I do? How do i react? What should I say? I don’t know. Obviously I was thinking about my late mum. What will it be, If I were to have another day to spend with her? I dunno, its something that have been lingering on my mind ages ago, a lot’s of thing has been on my mind every since she left us. But, the book really touched my feeling. If u have a chance to read it, pls do so, I totally recommend it.

But, I dun wanna end my 2007 feeling unstable. I called my sisters and we talked for ages laughing and mesmerizing some good moments. During my long leaves in KT recently, we did so many talking within our family and sorted some stuffs left behind by mum. No one can ever replace her and her memory and flesh still remain fresh on our minds.

Well, Happy New year my fellow readers, friends and family.

May 2008 brings brighter and better things for us. I pray for all well being for everyone. Take care and enjoy ur break peeps.


With love,
Elin & Co.

p/s: At this time around circa 31st Dec 2006, I completed my tawaf and saie for Hajj. Syukur.(aku dah betulkan ika..thanx..)


2 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    31st dec la minah.ada ke plak jan.

    oddly. i was thinking about your mum as well today, which is why transition was written.

    a better 2008 for all of us? hopefully 🙂

    -queen’s lalaland-

  2. elis Says:

    happy new year Elin to you n your family. May 2008 bring the best in all of us. Take care.


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