all stressed up

I’m supposed to be working on my slides at this 1141pm bloody night.

Yes, I am dead busy now. A new handholding session will take place next monday for 2 consecutive weeks. Luckily it was not at Pe*nang as plan earlier, it is only going to be in Bloody-jam-busy Setapak. But any chance of still not travelling is always welcome. But the hassle to get all the things in place are just too taxing for a 30 weeks pregnant mother to deal with.

I have to be at the kedai T*MPoin*T by 10am tomorrow. Damn!

Anyway despite my endless meeting for the past 3 days and bloody briefing the whole day today and what with having to sorts hundreds of tokens for customer, I managed to have banana leaf lunch at Nirwana, checked out Isetan Members Sale@Garden(thank god for Gardens) and finally stepped into Paviliion. Yes, its only my first visit to the mall after months of making its debut in KL. Horror kan. Tq Hubby for the delicious yummy dinner.

After 2 mall visits, no major dent took place . Just some necessary stuffs that need to be replenish well maybe 2 pairs of shirts for my prince(OKBG sales were just too hard too resist) , a lil something for the lil kiddo in the stomach to match the brother later, 2 gigantic toys at ELC (damn u wheel buggy game and crazy golf set) and ohhhh….didnt I just say no major dent. I need to recheck. but I am just one stress mother and pregnant women who just need some therapy i bet. Luckily I managed to refrain myself from any handbag and shoes okeh!(damn u timberland for running out of stock of my feveret sandals and screwed the bag for being the last piece in store).

Aghhhh..i am definitely stressed out.

Toodles peep, I’m outta here


8 Responses to “all stressed up”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nirwana ?
    Kirim nasi biryani, sama peria goreng tu, sama ikan goreng yang sedap nikmat lagi berperisa …

    boleh ?

    – rini –

  2. atie Says:

    elin…. rajin ko ber ‘blog’ yer.
    its nice to hear bout u again. bile due??

  3. Anonymous Says:


    i love you 🙂

    -ex-roomie uya-

  4. cik daun Says:

    oitss.. aku kat sg.. training 5 hari beb..

    jangan marah kalau aku lupa bagitau ko.. ahahaha

  5. kaezrin Says:

    rini: nak mak fedex kan ker nirwana maju nyer nasi nih??

    atie: happy reading..

    ex-roomie: i love u too..

    uya: aku tahu ko gi sg dr org london okeh..hina..aku nk fridge magnet…

  6. Kopi Suam Says:

    haahh orang yang baca entry ni pun boleh jadi stress..

    lebih stress lagi bila baca part shopping2 tu 🙂

    take care

  7. Anonymous Says:

    which reminds me you’ll need fridge magnet from here too. lol.

    tuari aku bagi mana ah???? swiss ek?takdelondonkah??? kalau ada aku takyah beli tgh xdemood meronda2

    -ex-roomie uya-

    ps:uya mmg hina!!!! hhahahha!!!!

  8. elisataufik Says:

    so dah shopping berlambak2 tu, masih belum hilang stress kah?
    or making stress sebab tengok bill?

    relax.. tarik nafas… tengok TV…


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