that phase that I hate

Oh the stage where I just want this to be over soon. Its all uncomfortable. Duduk tak best, berdiri tak best, baring tak best. tension. Yet, still, walking at the shopping mall feel like a breeze and the uneasiness only came when u walk heading to the car to go back. What da heck? Normal kan??

But, truly, I feel the pain everywhere now. And I mean it big time. Its not helping where according to the ‘makcik urut’ my baby is trying to turn into the ultimate position, hence explain why I can see my baby’s stretching everywhere on my ever growing stomach. Plus, nonstop visits to the loo is just something I loathe big time. Aghh!!!

How many weeks more erkkk?

Btw, I’d confirmed on the confinement lady and rasa cam hilang satu beban from my chest. Phuihh!

So then, toodles peeps.


11 Responses to “that phase that I hate”

  1. mom2Que Says:

    I sooo agree part time shopping (or be it just window shopping sekalipun) tu, hilang rasa sakit, cramp, berat, lenguh, semua tak terasa. But once balik rumah, adehhh semua serba tak kena! Hehe, but not all hubs can understand this kan. If only they had the chance to be in our shoes, then they know la hah..

  2. lazydaisy Says:

    my hubby siap perli kenapa kalau pegi shopping mall larat je jalan eh ? bile pegi tempat lain tak larat hahahahaha

    eh so finally you book kakak confinement yg mana ni ?

  3. kaezrin Says:

    mom2que: yes yes u r right…

    lazydaisy: cousin i yg recommend plak..rm60/day ( urut+tungku and daun2 mandi and all)…and she willing to stay in to help me tgk2 baby mandi2 sikit 2 sumer…i hope all turns well la…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    elin, sabar yer… nak wat lagu mana..

    tapi part shopping tu mmg aku pon dulu segar bugar!!! kalo kat rumah melepek ajeeee… hehehe

    btw, that frame mmg sgt gorjes!!! i likeee!


  5. shell Says:

    tell me about it..

    my worst part i think is when I’m going to bed. takde position yang sesuai rasanya..

  6. Euphoria Says:

    Elin, sabar…you’ll get used to it. U should be enjoying eating time pregnant ni…huhu, but I dlm pantang ni hentam je makan nasi minyak coz my dad is here and suka masak best2…mmg spoil my diet lah!

    I think the worst part dlm 3 days bila baru delivery…sakit contractions, sakit kat bawah, breast engorge and still sleepless nights coz baby bangun every 2 hours for breastmilk. hehe…

  7. ummi Says:

    me too me too *angkat tangan*. btw, i gained another 3kg bulan lepas. that makes 6kg in 2 months.

    that bidan tu is in KL or tgg? i dont plan to go balik kampung pantang nanti. sort of tgh cari org kat sini jugak.

  8. wan Says:

    Eling, x lama lagi tu.. sabarr!! Tapi lepas ni pening benda lain pulak dak, tapi tak pe pening pun baby dah kat lluar.. tgk baby sejukkk hati..

  9. rozie Says:

    tinggal few months ajer lagi..lepas tu happy ajer tgk yr new born baby..wish you a good health!

  10. angah Says:

    sabar ek… soon it will be over.. pastu berat bawak dada la plak kan… on confinemenat lady ni.. I am very lucky sebab my mum is one of them… sebulan ngkauuuuu mandi daun semer..heaven sungguh.

  11. Tyha Says:

    Hemmm…bila dah dekat2 sampai nak deliver time ni….memang le rasa berat je perut tukan.Time nilah segala rasa x selesa mai…rasa nak beranak dan2 tu gakkan.

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