upside down

For all well wishes and get well soon, thanx. Khilfi has been discharged. Bad tonsilitis causing high fever and continuous vomitting and all the drama, x nak amik risk, we surrendered ourselves at APSH. 2 days, 2 nights, cukupla.

I am back at my site office, hubby is still at home, nursing the active boy again, semakin sememeh, manja tahap kritikal and ntahlah, macam2 kerenah la, which sometimes really testing my patience and up to the wall. But, takpelah, its part and parcel of growing up huh.

Anyway, my lil baby is turning head down already as confirmed by my gynae yesterday. Yippie. Now the waiting game begin!

Have a long wiken ahead people. KT Clan is arriving tomorrow with baby nina as well!


9 Responses to “upside down”

  1. Babe Says:

    kak elin,

    baru tau efi tak sihat. Get well soon EFI:)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Get well soon Efi.
    Got your message, but I was in the middle of ” studying ” actually, and tak sempat nak reply.

    take care.


  3. Erna Says:

    Get well soon Efi!
    Elin bila exact due date ni?huhu..dekat dah ek? orang baru teringin nak makan kek buah! huhu..lambat lagi baru bleh oda la ek?

  4. Anonymous Says:


    say bye2 to bad tonsils!! gi lah operate weiii.. kesian laa budak2 tonsil… nanti dah skolah lagik susah!

    the procedure takde la complicated. one hour aje. tapi the recuperating period tu depends. lagik cepat makan, lagi cepat baik!

    p.s: aiman semenjak buang tonsil dia, makin berselera makan! 😉


  5. kaezrin Says:

    babe: ahaks…no worries dah ok dah pun…

    rini: aha..what r u studying now darling…care to share???

    erna: nok ker?? buleh ajer, kabo je bila2 nok…its on going production, i have lines of people doing it…

    matun: we are not up to it yet…so tgklah…ader thought about it, but we’ll see lah how..

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hi elin,

    Didn’t know that efi’s unwell. Hope your handsome little one is feeling much better now. Psst…when’s our banana leaf date ni?


  7. Syidar Says:

    Semoga Efi cepat sembuh. I dah try dah Sugarbuds nya cupcakes gegara review u kat dalam blog. Sedap. Selamat bersalin.
    Kalau I turun KL nanti bolehlah order choc mud cake lagi.

  8. mamalisa Says:

    good luck babe!selamat counting the day ok and dont forget, pushh!! heee

  9. rerama salju Says:

    hi there,
    seem that tonsilitis is getting popular right now,as my son also just discharged from Sunway MC last Friday nite because of the accute tonsilitis.I opt to remove it on this coming school holiday,after I asked few opinion about it,..
    But I think yr son is still too small to remove the tonsil rite?anyhow…get well soon efi…

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