Personal note to self

Tonight, I realise something. And I promise myself to take things slowly, be lil bit firm to myself, and insya allah one day, I shall sit back and enjoy everything in peace. Sabar, usaha, prayers, insya allah the packages will come with a big rewards too.

I am ok, but as usual, sometimes u have this urge of this and that and it may be frustrating if U know u cant have it all but when u think again, u may not need it all yet.

And tonite, I think, I can still wait and remain ok.


5 Responses to “Personal note to self”

  1. ummi Says:

    this when the concept of ‘redha’ comes in. one day we may realise the things we want most at one point in our life is not the best thing for us afterall. there’s always reason for things that happen.

    ps care to share list for baby-things. mak dah lupa… i’m old already.

  2. wan Says:

    betul elin, we can’t have it all. Even Azrinaz Mazhar Hakim yg kawen dgn Sultan Brunei pun tak leh dapat semua yg dia nak, kot 😛 Lebih sini, kureng sana.. Tak pe, asal kita Happy! InsyaAllah.

  3. cindy Says:

    hello yang…

    hang in there k..jgn sedey2 k..
    anyway i’m back again at

    cam rindu plak zaman dolu2..

  4. Anonymous Says:

    errmm kan kan… dunia yg fana ini.. nafsu plak meluap2… just take one thing at a time… 😉


  5. OndeOnde Says:

    sabar is really a virtue..

    i pun struggle nak sabar but when you finally did..nikmatnya only you can tell..

    by not giving all we want tu pun kira satu nikmat jugak, sapa tau when we have everything, we will into another human being feeling anything to those you have nothing.

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