Yippie yippie yeay yeay!

I got some moolah flying inside my letter box yesterday. I should thank my Co. for announcing the special dividend last few months. Alhamdulillah, just in time to top up the fund for the upcoming lil baby.

Things for the lil one is progressing well. My personal shopper in Queensland managed to grab a good deal yesterday for both sterelizer and also baby monitor, way below the budgeted price and i am one happy mummy. During Khilfi’s time, we get to use both item on loan from hubby’s cousin, so this time around, hafta scout a new one lor.

Khilfi the big brother is doing ok. Tomorrow, we will grant his wish for a short escapade within Klang Valley ajer pun. I am just too lazy to travel mana2 pun skrg, my big stomach and dugong-like shape are just too taxing to move around that much now. And I am also starting to shortlist what to get for Khilfi upcoming birthday. How much is that big bike/car toy will cost me uh???

Ok dokie people. Thats all for now. Toodles.


9 Responses to “1…2…3”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Where will you be after bersalin ?
    confinement keramat ke, or Tgg ?
    Let me know, senang nak siap siap pressie for the little baby !

    What do you want ? Oilily ? Fred Bare, Country Road kasik tau yek.

    – rini –

  2. ummi Says:

    that bike is priced around 600-700 kot. my SIL beli for his son. ended up we scampered around takut kena langgor.. dia main tekan ajek, stereng/handle tak reti nak kontrol.

  3. kaezrin Says:

    rini: cik puan rini, jgn susah2 ok..but i will email u.. ahaks….

    ummi: that much erkkkk??? mana nak cari?? toy’s r us tuh up to that price?? nilai 3???

  4. Anonymous Says:

    u can find a motobike @ nilai 3 which only cost u RM150. i bought for my son last year for that price and it’s baterry operated and alhamdulillah it lasted till now. very good deal compared to Toys r us.


  5. mom2Que Says:

    elin, b4 u deliver dun forget to schedule a lunch date between us okeh. i belum jumpa lagi the mak buyong u. any friday would be good. let me know k..

  6. sikulat Says:

    kat giant pun ada.. maybe brand china made apentah.. tapi setakat nih ada 2 biji kat rumah saya.. battery operated (chargeable) dlm 150-200 cenggitu la regenye.

    p/s: bukan saya beli .. tok & pah yang belikan sorang sebiji motor.. Err.. & the sister yang lebih rempit dr. the brother.. hehehe..

  7. Mommy at Home Says:

    Baby’s got a red motorbike (my mom asked why tak bell dollhouse?) bought at a baby shop in Ip*h for RM300. Rechargeable battery but tak tahan bila dia bukak siren & lagu techno cina. Bising!

  8. kaezrin Says:

    CT: thnx for the suggestion..ikut hati i mmg looking at nilai 3 but hubby macam contemplating…sbb malas nak gi sana jauh dier kata..buleh????

    moli: aghhh i am dying to meet u too darling but adehhhh i am so stuck with 2nd round implemenattion review…but i mmg nak jumpoa u..nanti kiter date2 okehh..

    ziana: giant pun ader ker?? ok ok..more option….

    farah: ohh techno sounds…ahaks…mahu mak stress nanti lama2..kekekekekeke

  9. mamalisa Says:

    we found bargainable bikes/cars at one baby shop kat uptown..tak ingat plak nama kedai tuh, quite ok sebb chargeable battery and quality ala-ala toys r us gak.my husband hampir2 nak beli dah sebab boleh tawar menawar dgn cina tuh..price ard rm300 tapi boleh tawar till rm150 and below.Row TM net shop facing housing area.

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