Another year…..

…… has passed. Its somehow still bitter deep down inside, but at least these days we managed to chat, joke, and look at the pictures in better way. We can still smile and chanting all loving memories and somehow it create harmonious moment within us whenever we share stories about her.

Yes, no one will ever replace the loving memories of her, no one ever. We are doing better day by day, coping without one, the one who is called mother. And I know from the look on my siblings face they’re better too, today, even on certain time, we could not help it but shed a tears or two. And to the latest addition in the family, my niece, Nina, whom everyday reminded us of her, coz she got most of the features of her Wan.

Well, 2 years and counting. May u rest in peace Mama. We miss u badly. You’re always remembered. Al-fatihah!


4 Responses to “Another year…..”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Eventho I cant remember the exact date, but it’s still fresh in mind of what happened on the day I found out.

    Al fatihah !

    – rini –

  2. mrika Says:

    my thoughts are with you. i can’t say i’ve first-hand experience, but we’ve lost a loved one in the family – my niece (9 days younger than Z). and each year on the anniversary of her passing, it’s tough watching my sister and mom cope with her loss (them both being the most affected ones).

    you sound to me like a well-rooted and strong person. it’s good that you’re taking it better as time goes by, but no doubt, she’ll always be there in your mind and you’re right – no one will ever take her place. not for you and your family, at least. on that note, be strong, yea.

    and i hope the short getaway was a good well-deserved break. šŸ™‚

  3. Pinkwatch Says:

    Alfatihah to ur mom elin.. u take care of urself girl…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    al fatihah.


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