I am going to be whining forever and ever. I seriously didnt have the energy anymore to do this handholding support thingy, being at our so called customer’s office, sitting at the front counter, assisting the support staffs entertaining customer using our system. I just don’t have the energy anymore. Been going all around nationwide since August last year, I just had enough of this. What with all those training session that I have to go as a trainer, teaching non stop. I think I have reach my limit. I hope i can still survive another 10 days before I finally can say good bye to this. I have given end of February for all this to stop. I negotiatied my way with my boss and yes the nego work well but I dont think my body is able to cope with it.

Erti kata lain, mak dah letih tahap gaban. Seriously gaban pun x letih cam gini la. At this point of time, I just wish to home, and terlentang atas katil and do nothing.


2 Responses to “tolongggggggggggg”

  1. elisataufik Says:

    syian nya dia..
    dah dah..
    pegi shopping
    pegi shopping…

  2. ummi Says:

    mintak mc ajekk…

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