Jco donuts

JCo donut. I bet, everyone mostly that I know fall head over heel with this donut.

This is a story which happened to take place on the evening of 14th Feb. We just made a detour to Pavillion from EM office after picking up hubby. Nothing much, just perasaan mak buyung nak makan tomyam tahap dewa at rain nuddle house. So when we reached Pavillion, in true spirit of hungry mak buyung, hubby suddenly suggested, why not we checked out JCo first, maybe not so many people.

Its my first attempt and whoila, only 10 people queing I think it is not bad at all. Hubby had to dukung Efi as that boy detest walking that day for no reason. I got into the que and dun mind at all doing so. Suddenly one of the guy working there came to me and asked me am i expecting. Off course I am dearie, so I were given the privilege to jump to the front que and not only that the guy personally attended to my order and chaperone me straight away to the cashier counter and were given the honoured to cut the que at the counter too. Woila woila woila. I am so so happy.

So, to all mak buyung, do not hesitate to que, u may given the privilege too. That guy was telling me, he see no reason why a pregnant should be question for this kind of honoured, giller apa nak beratur panjang2 beli donut, itu ayat dier. Harus mak happy.

So, with a dozen donuts in hand, our small family head back to our dinner and I got free roses from the Rain nuddle too. Lalalala.


13 Responses to “Jco donuts”

  1. zatul saliza Says:

    like that aaa….
    Can I put cushion in my stomach and pretend I was preggy? LOL
    *Habislah pas ni semua mak buyung kerumun JCO. LOL

  2. ummi Says:

    uh, i still dukung my 16kg iman btw! how’s that?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You’re one lucky lady as not many people are treated the same. You know lah our community !.

    I bet this J Co is something like Krispy Kreme, but KK tak de le sampai nak berator rator. In fact, one of their branches nearby dah tutup dah pun.

    – rini –

  4. yatipruzz Says:

    special nyer jadi preggie mommy kan!
    but i prefer dunkin’s lagi…Jco’s a bit too small i think..:)

  5. kaezrin Says:

    zsaliza: ahaks..boleh ah try..

    ummi: adehhhh i x koser nak dukung efi okeh….semua papa dier skrg…pi taska pun tolak ngan stroller..

    rini: itulah my rezeki la..

    yatipruzz: tad bit small but taste wise lagi best Jco lah rasanya…

  6. zetty Says:

    I went to bandung n visited J.Co kat Paris Van Java..suprisingly takde Q langsung so i dgn happy nye lah pergi membeli..haha wonder Indos (since takleh nak panggil indon kan..?) tak jd giler donut ker? hehhehe

  7. Anonymous Says:

    that’s one of the beauty of being pregnant! (selain dari mendapat hbag dan kasut idaman – in my case lerr… :P)

    eh bila ko nak pi jco lagik? big apple ke?? (pada aku rasa lebih kurang sama jek… ) kalu ko nak pegi, aku nak pesan hahahahah 😛


  8. Anonymous Says:

    saya pun nak taruk bantal ler cam zatul or tunggu 3 bulan lagik sure jadik serupa mak buyung takde isi hahahahahaha… iskkk! takmo laaa!


  9. yatipruzz Says:

    the one i bought was in bandung supermall…maybe those in bandung are different from the one in KL kots hehe

  10. rozie Says:

    bestnyer dpt makan donut frm j co..

  11. NORA ANSHAR Says:

    out of topic kejap.

    just nak confirm with you on the carrot cake order. 1 kg square on the 1st March kan?

  12. Baby Mits Says:

    rezeki orang mengandung!

  13. nannoor Says:

    when i was preggie last time, sekalik je dlm masa 9 bulan tu dpt layanan yg special, tu pun mase kat klcc. was queing for ladies, gile ramai time tu then suddenly ade cleaner/supervisor cleaner saw me in the line and ushered me to use the kids&moms rest room. aahhh sungguh best & sungguh bersih.
    other experience?? nope!
    our community ni mmg x prihatin.

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