the damages

I spend my Saturday evening catching up re-run of Damages, now I am hooked. Bugger!


4 Responses to “the damages”

  1. aida Says:

    hooked during the first episode lagi.. best banget glenn close ok.. rasa geram jer

  2. kaezrin Says:

    ahaks..i never watched it until saturday..dr kul 2 ker kul 1 lebih sampai 630 ptg duk depan tv..haru la nih…

  3. hana Says:

    i ada the whole season 1 dvd… nak copy? hehhehe
    elin, hari tu tgk you posted about herbalife… boleh tak nak brochure or something that i can read the details?

  4. MDR Says:

    yup, been hooked since the 1st episode..every tuesday at 10pm duk terponggok depan AXN..haha.. but for me, ada episodes yg a bit too technical and somewhat boring in the middle..

    the suspense about what really happened and how the fiance’ actually died is what keeps me hanging!

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