see how maaahhh

I am sick. Running nose and coughing pretty bad, its taxing and with the frequent visit to the loo makes all things gone haywire.

I am not complaining tho’ its part and parcel of the end of trimester which I am going to live with it at least for another 2-3 weeks perhaps. I am hoping my lil baby will come out beforer March 21st, because my brother is leaving for Nagoya on that day. He hopes to see his anak sedara before he leaves. A few days before will be better, so that the whole KT Clan will be berkampung in KL 2 in 1 sekali. Sonangkeje.

For those who has been generous asking on what I want, oh dearie u guys are just too generous. You are just spoiling me to the max. Your generous friendship means a lot already to me. Btw, just on some unrelated note, Khilfi will be 4 yrs old this coming Saturday. He is carrying small lil candle that I bought bearing number 4 all around the house reminding everyone on his big day. Adeh, I dun even know on what to get for him this time around. Hubby is aiming that big bike/car like Ameer, zatul’s son gift tuh. But we have yet to check out the bargain at Nilai 3. I am too lazy mehh to move around.

Well we see how lah.


7 Responses to “see how maaahhh”

  1. NadiahKhair Says:

    if ure looking a big battery operated bike/car, ure in luck dear is having a sale this wiken…
    i bought this,

    for iman for rm200 only..itupun lps tawar menawar ngn apek tuh mcm nak beli ikan..:D

    check this website; the map is there as well..
    pas nih wa kene mintak diskaun ngn apek tuh for promoting his kedai..:D

  2. kaezrin Says:

    nadiah..dekat rumah i ajer nih..senang nk gi…thanx a lot dearier..

  3. SSC Says:

    any braxton hicks yet? take care. wishing u safe & speedy delivery 🙂

  4. kaezrin Says:

    udahlah cik kak…mmg suspen..i hope its going to be smooth mcm u jugak…

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Elin, check you post with Keramat people. I sent something for Efi ..

    – rini –

  6. SSC Says:

    insyaAllah it will … tp jgn jd mcm i yg taktau that it was contractions 😀 … tp for me at that time kan ignorance was bliss man! hehe

    take care ~hugs~

  7. kaezrin Says:

    rini: i will i will!!!thanx in advance bebeh!

    ssc: thanx darling..

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