Happy 4th Birthday Khilfi

4 years ago, I gave birth to my bouncing lil boy, Khilfi Ezzan.

Today, he is our sunshine throughout all our ups and down.

Happy birthday darling son, you really means the world to us.

p/s: More update later, I am just very tired mummy now.

8 Responses to “Happy 4th Birthday Khilfi”

  1. wan Says:

    Happy Birthday dear Khilfi Ezzan!! Auntie tak dapek nak pi pulok, frust nonggeng toing toing.. !!

  2. SSC Says:

    happy 4th birthday efi 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Birthday !

    Cepat ajer besar.

    – rini –

  4. aida Says:

    happy birthday efi 🙂

  5. maya Says:

    happy birthday efi..
    happy2 selalu..

  6. mom2Que Says:

    happy bday efi!! sorry darling couldnt make it yesterday. i demam panas masa tgh vacation, frust menonggeng tuls. but will make a replacement date hopefully before u pop okeh!

    take care darl!

  7. Erna Says:

    Happy Birthday Efi!
    Semoga dipanjangkan usia, dimurahkan rezeki, dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik dan dilindungi Allah sentiasa!

  8. Pinkwatch Says:

    happy birthday efi comel!! jadi anak yg soleh k?

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