answering your question

Cuma untuk menjawab 2 soalan bombastik from my previous entry.

  1. Temporary Maid – I didnt go to any agency. My neighbour’s maid offer her friends who is supposed to work at other place just to ease me out for a month. So, I am afraid that I can give more than what u guys has been asking. It just my luck prolly to get this chance once in a blue moon. At the same time, the same neighbour, lend her maid to me on any days after 5pm or at any time on Sunday just to help me with house works these days. Thank u akak! In fact now, Kak Edah is ironing shit loads of bajus that all need to be clear up before I give birth. I sent hubby’s working shirts and pants to the laundry for ironing, but they still other stuffs like efi’s uniform, my working attire, pillow cases, kain pelikat, telekung, efi’s outings clothing, my tudung and etc. Oh the lists are just endless.
  2. Free Money – Notice the advertisement from Nuffnang on my blog on the right hand side upper corner. That is how the money come in. So, go and get one from Nuffnang and put it on your blog.

Thats all folks. I am having an early night. I have been domesticated very well today. I cooked a scrumptious chicken curry, bake moist chocolate cake and another round of creme caramal just to satisfy my craving before i starts my confinement.

Toodles peep.


One Response to “answering your question”

  1. maya Says:

    wah elin… cayalah! aku punye baru 9 lengget.. kuang kuang..

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