politics everywhere

Bila dpt ok susah, bila KO pun susah.

This morning, I forced myself to be strong to face everyone who has been spoken behind my back. Of all I know, I work because of the responsibility given to me and I did and deliver all of it because of my responsibility, nothing more than that. For once, someone noticed it.

Whatever, it is not final. A quick glance on that very morning, created all the chaos which is hot topic in the office part of the post election result. Politik office pun kotor ok. Pakkal takde hijau, biru, turqoise and merah.

Anyway, whatever the final result is, I am going to redha with the ketentuanNya. Now, lets wait how the esos going to be like with the not so good market we have now.

Toodles peep.


11 Responses to “politics everywhere”

  1. mardhiah12 Says:

    akak, result MAPS dah boleh tgk kat career profile

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I left work in 2001, and since then I jadik fulltime housewife.

    I can go to work if I want, but I just couldnt tolerate with office politics anymore.

    Jadik bini, jadik mak jaga anak kat rumah lagik senang. Malam malam buleh tidor lena, duit gaji bulan bulan pon dapat jugak, lebih dari orang yang pegi keje …so why bother kan ??

    Good Luck !

    – rini –

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I try to understand elin’s entry here if she mentioned anything here about quitting but I think it’s more about of how for once she brave it all to face her backstabbers and stand up for her rights, that alone is good for her, since Elin is not that type of person.

    And do we have to earn RM24,500 a month then we would be happy? then we can stay at home finally?

    Mana2 ada office politics, stay home pun ada family politics, thing is do what makes you happy and doesn’t land you in any trouble like yours truly kan elin kan? Sometimes, we have to look beyond materialistic values in this life.

    And if Elin is the sort to throw in the towel whenever things gets tough, that’s so not her.

    Ini pun sifat orang melayu juga, tak tahu pucuk pangkal cerita and just assumed and laser. Kudos!


  4. emly2175 Says:

    InsyaAllah Elin, your esos will be good. Tapi I hate TM’s HR .They are suck! It’s now wonder most of TM’s scholars left for greener pasture..Yang tinggal pun sebab they still believe in what TM can offer for them. Including my hubby la..

  5. kaezrin Says:

    aini: dah tgklah pun..we all dah dpt sneak a peek last week..itu kes yg banyak cerita ceriti sensasi kat dept akak nih…sadis..

    rini:its dirty world anyway these days kan..u r doing great at what u do now mate and i envy u…yet this is not stopping me yet..:))

    ika: correct…anyway ayam golek jadi ke dak nih???

    emly: sure erkk abt the esos thingy..but if its at a very low price…i’m game

  6. Anonymous Says:

    weil bukan agak terlambat I’d nak bertanya fasal agak golek. Yang dah selamat dlm perut kitaorang?

  7. nurminah Says:

    kak elin,
    ni mesti dpt 3.75 ke 5 ni..hehe..congrats..rezeki baby dlm peyut..

  8. kaezrin Says:

    ika: ampeh u guys started first without me..dang..but its fine i had seafood tomyam, water chestnut and thai spring rolls tadi…i can always do ayam golek tomorrow with sesapa yg sudi kekeke..

    nurminah: rezeki baby ..alhamdulillah….

  9. Anonymous Says:


    Never quit your job no matter what. You’ve carried children in your wombs for 9 months – this is far more challenging than office matters. There is NO guarantee that your husband will not leave you for somebody else and what if he is called to be with God unexpectedly. Have your own money, have your own property, have your own car, have your own investments. Empower yourselves. Get out there and build your own fortune.

  10. ummi Says:

    elin dear, itu biasa. even dapat 1 atau 2 pun jadi buah mulut orang. ni mesti kes dapat 4 atau 5 nih kan. if it’s meant to be yours, then it’ll be.

    there’s esos, increment and all. rezeki anak kan.

  11. kaezrin Says:

    ummi: itulah akak..mmg jadi buah mulut org ajerlah..

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