still here

It’s officially announced today. Syukur. Mmg rezeki and looks like its time to start seriously hunting for the right one. For once, its not a handbag, I am going to get a new TV set for the house. Not extravaganze thing pun, but the one we have now mmg amatlah menunggu hari ajer.

Before I dive further, a big congrates shout to my sister, Mek Yan for officially graduated from her MBA class last saturday at Sintok. Jauh Nina kena jenjalan ikut mama convo. Obviously Elin & Co. tgk dr jauh jelah kan. And this Wednesday KT Clan will officially berkampung at my place. Aa is leaving for Nagoya on Friday night at 1150pm. We have a full 2 days to buli him before he leaves. Come to think of it, I am going to miss my baby brother actually. I do hope he can adopt well. Any of my readers who is from japan, nak adopt a brother, pls let me know. Kakakakakakaka.

I am counting days. This Thursday too, shall mark my journey into 39th week of this pregnancy. My lil baby still sits comfortably in my tummy. Aduhai, I actually hope he will pop out b4 my brother fly off, but we shall wait. And yes, I am getting another boy, which I truly enjoy. Nama pun dah ready and efi is all gear up for his brother to greet the world. Another KEK will be out watch out peeps.

So dat, toodles peeps.


10 Responses to “still here”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Elin, thank you for the wish.
    Anyway, thought I can share the same date with the unborn baby, tp dia tak mau kluar laa pulak lagik !.

    Congrates to Ian & Aa. Semua berjaya adik beradik awak Elin, Alhamdulillah. And I know your mum is smiling up there. Alfatihah to her.

    – rini –

  2. naddy Says:

    congrats elin, hope all goes well…. take care

  3. mamalisa Says:

    dapat promotion ke babe?Selamat membeli TV bagak boleh layan nonton masa cuti nanti..huhu..nak wis elin semoga selamat bersalin, take care ok 🙂

  4. kaezrin Says:

    rini: itulah mak dok harap sama birthdate ngan nok jugak okeh…btw thanx rini for the thoughts..i surely she is smiling from up above, what she dream come true obviously..

    naddy: thanx darling..

    mamalisa: takdelah promotion, but the result for the perfomance already came out and alhamdulillah it went well.. thank u for the early bersalin wish.. :))

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hi there..

    counting days ek!!sama lah dengan i..wpon dah di tetap kan ard 6/4/08 but still mengharap baby nih kuar ler cepat dr dte nya!!dah tak larat!!panas yg amats kat bkk nih…bukak air-cond pon boleh peluh hahaha..

    neeway all the best ya!!n congrats on ur new baby boy!!


  6. kaezrin Says:

    mariam: eh u kwn munakan??? yes its hot hot hot…dlm air cond pun sweating ok..tension

  7. mardhiah12 Says:

    akak, congrats eh for the MAPS’s result 🙂

    nanti dah bersalin, sms eh. boleh gi tengok

  8. OndeOnde Says:

    Erin, the due date is lurking around the corner eh?

    I pray everything shall be alright. Congrats for the your bro and sis..and what’s with MAP’s? apa tu? hehehe saja nak kaypoh – didn’t read your previous entry.

    Take care ya! Efi will have a baby brother – teman bergocos! hehehehe

  9. hanis Says:

    elin…aku doakan semua selamat & dimudahkan. tahniah utk adik-adik mung!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Elin, selalu baca tapi jarang komen. Elin punya komen dkat blog zz lagi banyak …

    thanks for the encouragement ya.

    Semoga Allah SWT mudahkan urusan Elin nak bersalin ni. Amin.
    Cuti panjang nanti, kena teruskan update gak tau! heheh


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