bonding time again

I am looking forward for today to arrive.

Ops.. yes, I am still around, no sign of baby coming out yet, lil one seems to sit comfortably inside. Well, takpelah let him be. I wanna enjoy today very much.

KT clan is arriving just on time for dinner tonight in 2 cars. Apparently Aa’s stuffs are just too much, so senang 2 keter terus dtg plus dad is planning to shot of to KT early Saturday morning whilst Mek Yan plan to still ronda-ronda.

I outsource main dish to my MIL for tonight, going to pick up her signature chicken curry this evening. Cheating. I am going to fry some squid, fish and veggies and the grind some sambal belachan to go with the curry. Tomorrow breakfast menu also being lined up as requested by my brother. Byk pulak demand before berangkat okeh. I stocked up the fridge and my cousin also plan to cook some hefty meals and its going to be a fiest on Friday at my place before sending Aa to the airport. Big deal huh, adik aku nak fly macam nak gi haji, but well, we are just a close knit family member who is just too loud and we love to make things havoc in every single thing. kakaka…we love it that way.

I am looking forward to this meet up. Seriously its been a while that we are all together. My last visit back home was during Eid Adha. And this is the time for us to be together again, all of us. And if my baby decide to come out within this reunion time he is always welcome, seriously. ITs perfect timing in fact.

Well, hope all goes well. Toodles.


2 Responses to “bonding time again”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Bila nak kuar lagik sorang K.E nih …penattt lee auntie tungggu !

    Anyway, I dont blame Aa. Even I yang dah tecampak 7 tahon ni pon, still craving for Malay food. Everytime balik Malaysia, musti tuju kedai makan dulu. Shopping tak payah laaa ..kat sini pon belambak kedai ..unless cam nak cari acuan kuih ke, batik batik ke,

    or some rempah nak tapau bawak balik sini, tp malas sbb nanti kena declare. Dah laa imigration asik panjang bejela, nak pulak kena declare itu ini, alamat 2 jam baru jumpa jalan raya !.

    Good Luck to Aa, it will take sometime to adapt. Sementara nak tau mana pelusuk nak cari bahan mentah nak masak, or kedai kedai Melayu ..boleh merasa roti canai kan ?

    eh tak sabar plak nak balik ujong tahon nih …list mcm biasa ..kedai makan yang paling utama !

    – rini –

  2. Mass Says:

    ♥♥♥ cari buku kanak-kanak???? ♥♥♥
    Have u ever book a flight?
    Have u ever book a cinema?
    Have u ever book-a-book before?
    Well, now u can.. with
    Where u can sit back, relax and shop at your own pace in the comfort of your own house..

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