picture perfect

For picturiol update:

1) Efi’s 1st Art Attack session @ OU

2) Aa’s finally leaving for Nagoya 1159pm 210308

p/s: Click on the link for the picchas peeps.


4 Responses to “picture perfect”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    salam elin.

    am waiting for the breaking news anxiously.. hari2 i follow up here with debaran 🙂

    praying u’ll have smooth delivery, insyaallah.

    -syaula @ mommy_eri-

  2. shell Says:

    good luck for your impending arrival!

  3. ummi Says:

    elin ~ blh bagi ctc no mak bidan yang buleh dtg ngurut tu? I’ll be in KL for confinement so need to arrange for this one here as well.

  4. Zetty Says:

    hensem lah adik kau hihhi.

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