Chic and retro

New sofa Cover
Originally uploaded by Elin

I’ve custom made this one from my favourite tailor kat Keramat. Another of her creation is like the one below. 2-2 nih pakai material dr ikea. Hat atas tuh RM9/metre hat bawah nih pun beli time offer at the same price. I think she uses only 2 metres if i am not mistaken and then just use some cheapo satin liners at the back of the covers with fibre padding. MMg amat cantik and value for money. Email me for detail if u wanna get more info on whereabout of this kakak.


13 Responses to “Chic and retro”

  1. naddy Says:

    wahh so chic n retro.. i loike 🙂

  2. cHeeKy WiFe Says:

    wah cantik..sangat naik colour dia

  3. ikan Says:

    wld like to know bout this kakak.
    pls email me at
    TQ awak.

  4. allyiesa Says:

    hi…sofa bed kan…
    nk tau pasai kakak tu me k

  5. PixiePwincess Says:

    hi kakak!

    I am so desperately needing a new cover for my sofa bed.

    can u please mail the info to me? thanks in advance.

  6. zamnzara Says:

    Will she be able to jahit langsir as well? Or maybe sarung kusyen? Let me know yeah.

    Selamat nak dapat baby baru!!

  7. nurminah Says:

    kak elin..

    saya pun nk tau psl tailor tu..thx

  8. zatul saliza Says:

    my mom ada the same material (yg chick retro tu) she sew jd curtain in my sis’s room, i think she bought a year ago. Mmg thn material tu.
    Anyway, have a safe delivery Elin! Don’t forget to let us know!

  9. erni Says:

    kak elin, i also want to know about the kakak.

    mail me

    hope u have a safe delivery….

  10. mamalisa Says:

    ala..i cant view the pictures la elin, email me the pic and details pls @

  11. OndeOnde Says:

    wow! it is N.I.C.E!!!!
    nantilah whenever I have the budget, and things are more in order will let you know!!! talented her!

  12. emly2175 Says:

    cantik la sofa u ! email me pls the address..

  13. Cik Ha Says:

    Kak, saya pun nak tahu alamat kakak tailor nie.


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