Alhamdullilah, Our dearest Khazin Ezzan arrived safey at 12.49am, 3.28kg, 52cm via normal deliver. – Elin & Jaz & Khilfi…..

Not as per normal, dimana penyampai berita blog ini boleh mengupdate secepat mungkin untuk Puan Elin, kali ni terlambat pula nak interframe blog minah sorang ni ha ha.

So Khazin Ezzan finally entered this world after a long wait by all of us especially his parents and big bro Khilfi Ezzan.

The moment Elin text on Sat evening that she’s on the way to the hospital, I couldn’t even sleep till she informed of her safe delivery. The phone has been set on ringing mode ever since I got a call from her one early morning and missed it cause it was on beeping mode and I thought she’s in labour room when I couldn’t get thru her phone or Jaz’s. cheh. false alarm sungguh. But had a good chance to accompany Khilfi and Khazin’s mum before the delivery so Khazin, you better remember me! ha ha ha ha!

Anyways mum and baby is doing fine and recuperating at the hospital still, unfortunately I still couldn’t visit due to current coughs and cold, wouldn’t want Khazin to contract any virus from me but I can’t wait to see him and cuddle a newborn again!

ps: pics and meaning of name tunggu mak dia update ya!


19 Responses to “300308”

  1. apple Says:


  2. Munie Says:

    Alhamdulillah.. 😉 congrats. welkam to dear world khazin 😀

  3. Tyha Says:

    Tahniah…selamat bergembira bersama 2 hero ya..;)

  4. n Says:

    congrats! cant wait to see baby pics…

    take care


  5. MRSHUSiN Says:

    congrats elin! post pics of the baby soon ok?
    alhamdulillah… everything went smoothly… 🙂
    u take care!

  6. yatipruzz Says:


  7. nurminah Says:

    alhamdulillah…tahniah kak elin & family!

  8. mrika Says:

    alhamdulillah and congratulations to you and fammily! 🙂

    look fwd to seeing baby’s photos.

    have a good ‘rest’ during your pantang.

  9. Kopi Suam Says:

    tahniah and alhamdulillah

  10. Ummu Auni Says:

    tahniah! tahniah! tahniah!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    congraats dear…can’t wait to see u all soon!!!


  12. mylife Says:

    elin! congrats!!… finally, ko leh tarik napas lega… heheheh… congrats again… moga semuanyer sihat

  13. ann Says:

    elin… tahniah…

  14. Hazelsyd Says:

    congrats! congrats!


  15. aida Says:

    congrats kak elin

  16. Omecool20 Says:

    Congrats !

    Welcome to da world kiddo !:D

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Alhamdulillah… tahniah elin! – shuk

  18. Yaya Says:

    Congrats to Kaezrins, can’t wait to see Khazin Ezzan’s pics!

  19. elisataufik Says:

    wah mesti cantik nombor IC Khazin nanti 😉
    secomel tuan nya!! 😀

    *nak pegi komen next posts pulak*

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