rezeki adik

Doa saya termakbul akhirnya. Mmg sentiasa ader cahaya dihujung kegelapan, Tuhan sentiasa mendengar. My friends at office keep on saying macam Allah divert all the attention and pass all the good fruits on me one by one. In a way, she has a point.

I am indeed thankful and hope for it will never ends. Syukur sangat cause I do believe He listens. Only time will tell when the rezeki will arrived.

I got my Big B payment a day before my delivery. Its all in, with quite an awesome money for myself. Its only my 2nd time of getting it after almost 8 yrs in working environment. Then on the 30th my 2nd boy was delivered. With all the joy, we were kind of upset, Khazin was to be under phototheraphy for jaundice. It kind of set us back, i know its a normal jaundice case but motherhood worriness still thick in my blood.

My worried got a joyful lead. I finally got my official permanent post letter despite some setback on the grade offered, but a few extra moolah shown in the letter rise up the spirit in a way. Syukur.

And yesterday, I was shocked when i received another call from office. Some nomination resulted in some rewards. Insya Allah I shall be getting some kind of benefits from that soon. Rezeki. Seriously. I am overwhelming indeed till now. Even tho’ my hospital bills kind of sky rockets but its all worth it for now.

My new son is doing well. Sleep well, feed well. I intent to fully bfeed him like his brother. And hope this journey will be a successful one.

Thanx for those who stick with me thru thick and thin. Ur good words risen up my spirit when I am down. And for all u know, i always pray for you guys best life too.

Till then, toodles peep with shot of the day.

p/s: saja je letak gambar menu hari khamis lepas, nasi padang yg maha hebat. Nak bagi kenyang diri sendiri kes dah start pantang kan. 🙂


10 Responses to “rezeki adik”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wah, everytime datang in one go eh ?
    Congrate Elin.

    Tak sabar nak cubit pipi Khazin nan tembam ittewww …

    – auntie rini –

  2. ummi Says:

    congrates elin. for the big B, for the baby, for the permanent post, for the successful nomination. i’ve been sending nominations from my office but my name tak pernah tercalon pon he he.

    jaundice is normal amongst babies but it is normal too for us mothers to be overly worried. hope Khazin will recover fast. Iman was yellowish for over a month last time.

    i have another 4 weeks to go..

  3. MDR Says:

    congrats on the birth of ur new bundle of joy 🙂

    very nice name & meaning…mesti pandai simpan duit nanti tuh..hehe..

  4. mamalisa Says:

    Hi Elin, glad to hear from you again abt the newborn and joys..Rezeki, selamat bersalin dan selamat berjaga malam juga! : ) kiss to Khazin ok.

  5. Pinkwatch Says:

    wah.. alhamdulillah.. rezeki melimpah ruah.. yes, I believe like u too.. rezeki Allah ade di mana2.. janji hati kita bersih, usaha dan doa InsyaAllah ade sinar di penghujung nanti.. 🙂

    nasi padang tu bukannye orang pantang je tension tgk.. org sini pon lagi nak ketuk2 kepala tgk.. dah la si hafiz ade kat mesia skrg.. balik mengejut.. dapat makan macam2.. tension aku.. hehehe

    selamat berpantang!

  6. mamasyazmar Says:

    syukur alhamdulillah rahmat Allah 🙂

    try to get some rest masa dlm pantang ni. take care sweets


  7. Farra Says:

    wah wah murah rezeki..tahniah for all the good news! 😉 comey babyyy

  8. Irm Says:

    congratulations elin.
    tumpang seronok getting to know that all ends well, plus with all the other good news.

    hope you’ll have a good rest at home to recuperate, and well done Khazin, for finally making an entrance. semua orang tunggu-tunggu.. 🙂

    i am so happy for you, dear.

  9. elisataufik Says:


  10. MummyHanis Says:

    kak elin! Sorry, baru terbaca ur blog pasal ur baby delivery n big B.

    Congratulations!!! Ur baby so comell! Esp the last photo angkat tangan! heee. He’s sooo putihhh melepak. 😀

    Bestnyee ade newborn baby… (cewah mcm x penah ade je bunyik)

    Congrats again!!

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