to the love of my life

I dunno how my whole system will work if jaz is not around. Despite his sometimes mood swing too, he is obviously my true back bone throughout all this hassle and new journey.

I am on my own journey of confinement. Yes, I sorted out my makcik urut, only this evening will arrived tho’ and my temp maid, who only work 8am-5pm, things still need to be touch up every bits and pieces. Like last night, we are practically on our own. My sister left back to her college around 4pm, and we were to manage on our own whereabouts. I am practically upstairs for this whole confinement period. And my 1st son obviously craving for all little attention he can need one. Its challenging, tiring and needs lots of patience. I pity my hubby as he has to do everything for me, for efi, for everyone.

Well, I just hope all the sacrifices he put will come with a big reward from Allah.

Honey, I know its tiring and challenging. I wish i will be able to help but I am on certain limits now. By next week things going to be better as my sister will be around 24-7. And my PIL is on daily visits too whilst hubby is at work. So, we are good dearie. We shall be able to go thru this.

Till then, toodles peep.

5 Responses to “to the love of my life”

  1. wan Says:

    Elin… Jaz rela tu tak pe.. hehe.. dia happy n he would do anything for u ols..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    aku pon dulu masa akmal pantang sendri.. no makcik urut, no temp maid. c-section summore!

    boleh punya… 😉


  3. ummi Says:

    insyaAllah you’ll get thru this. ada baby kecik + a toddler around, it can be quite handful and stressful kan. in a week or so nanti you’ll get used to the new environment and arrangement.

  4. Pinkwatch Says:

    same here… InsyaAllah semua ok… nnt rasa puas sebab buleh buat sendiri semua.. hehehe..

    nway baru perasan.. cucu hj noor same la ngan cucu my dad skrg nie.. 2 boys and 1 girl.. ehehehehe..

  5. mom2Que Says:

    i dulu pun semua sendiri. pagi2 subuh bangun mandi then panaskan tungku to tuam my tummy + body, bengkung + barut semua (ikat ketat2 nak slim cepatnyer pasal hehe), masak for our lunch then baru settle kan abg n adik. malam2 lepas dorang tido baru kemas n mop keliling rumah dgn bengkung still in tact.

    alhamdulillah ok jer takde bentan ke apa. tak dapek la nak confinement relax2 goyang kaki coz tak sampai hati pun nak serah all the job to my mom. kadang2 rasa nak meroyan gak sbb penat tapi alhamdulillah kena byk sabar, Allah balas dgn rasa kepuasan yg tersangat indah hanya Dia yang tahu.

    you can do it too 🙂 take care.

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