what am i doing now?

Suddenly rasa gatal badan nak pergi tawaf-tawaf kedai. Isyhhh, sabo jelah.

This is the case sbb mata gatal ajer tgk bumper cot and comforter sheet and all on khazin’s cot now macam eye sore. Its Khilfi inheritance and I just realise I left my other 2 sets in KT house and I dun have spare except for one comforter and fitted sheet yg beli from IKEA time Efi jugak. Aghhh. stress betul bila nak but I could not reach for it. Been drooling dok tgk all the nice colourful design merata-rata kat internet.

Seriously, I think I need some shop fix. Its only 15th day. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr


6 Responses to “what am i doing now?”

  1. eridanus Says:


    i baru baca ur prev entry pasal APSH and YESS their services are really bad nowadays. my PIL pon agree.

    btway dear, dulu masa day 14th i dah kuar jalan2 g cari barang baby – kes beranak terkejut – but a quick 1 lah and both my mak and MIL dunno. rasa legaa sangat lepas tu sampai my milk mencurah2.

  2. haiza Says:

    sabo jelaa…35 days more to go…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Elin, if you’re feeling ok, there’s no harm if you want to pop out sekejap.

    Fresh air will do you good, trust me.

    – rini –

  4. Tyha Says:

    Hehehehhe…order kat internet jelah Mama 2K..;)

  5. ummi Says:

    Alamak, ni yang seram nak bersalin nih. APSH jugek. I hope I won’t have to go thru those bad experience. All these while, I don’y have any complaint against them (yet?).

    Shopping? If I were you, maybe akak pun akan keluar rumah jugak jalan2 huhu.

  6. OndeOnde Says:


    congratulation! it’s tad late lah kan? but look at khazin! he’s sooooo cuteeeeeee! *cium sikit*

    looks like you are up and about already – healthy la maknanya tu kan šŸ™‚ hopefully abang khazin pun happy jugak dapat baby bro!

    you take care.

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