hot freaking time

Panas yg amats ok daerah yang bernama Puchong inniew hari ni. Perfect for crib cleaning. So Kak Salamah, aka my temp maid is seen washing and hanging all bedrooms curtains. Next week we will start doing the same for the living one. OKla, nothing much sgt house chores for a small families for her to attend to. After all kalau dah hari-hari sapu mop kejap ajer buat semua benda tuh. I kind of running out of things for her to do. So hari2 i give small task for her nantikan xde apa nak buat. Today we also spring clean my book rack. So ika, no more dust like the last time ko dtg run sack buku ok. Bila kemas-kemas buku I realised ader few titles dat I dun even remember buying it, typical me, never seems to put in my memory box book titles or author, jalan citer ajer hat lekat.

Well, moving on, Khazin is doing well. Clam circum ari tuh masih in tact. I think in a couple of days kot jatuh la. Efi’s one took 7 days. So we’ll see how abt his small brother ni plak.

I’ve completed all flight tix for our trip back to KT end of this months. I will be staying abt 12 days there whilst hubby is staying for the first 4 days with us and left us behind for a week. We’re going back via the car and later hubby fly down and bring us back later. So much for having a deal, AA price list only RM20 short from what our national airline offered. So we will hop on the later la. Senang sikit landed at KLIA terus instead of LCCT. Tapi mana2 la.

The trip back to KT will be the first one for this year. Phew, how i miss my hometown. And I truly will go and wollap all the wonderful food back there sbb pantang pun ended by that time kan.

Ok dokie peeps. I’m outta here. Got 2 cheeky monster to cuddle now. Toodles.


8 Responses to “hot freaking time”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    If only you have time eh, dont forget my pesanan. Is the money enough ???
    If not, let me know !..

    take care.

    – rini –

  2. aida Says:

    malaysia airlines pun banyak deal bagus-bagus kan..
    air asia pun dah mahal skrg.. uwaa

    p/s: tak jumpe lagi kak elin, bila nak jumpe ni?

  3. mamafaris Says:

    a’kum.. org KT ker.. i also miss my hometown.. its been a while since i went back to KT.. speaking of the food in KT, i remember the time when i was expecting faris, i made a long list of ganu’s foods that i was craving for.. and as soon as i reached my parent’s house, i quickly showed the list to my mom coz her laksa kuah putih was on the top of the list.. my whole family laughed at me..

  4. Irm Says:

    mana dpt temp maid? i am looking for one too. let me know, ok darling..

  5. Ummu Auni Says:

    kak elin, deliver kat APSH ke? hmph, bad service ek…anyway, asyik nak pergi tgk, tapi tak tahu bila..

  6. kaezrin Says:

    rini: off course ingat ingat…

    aida: tulah quite a good deal we all dpt..

    mamafaris: hmm laksa kuah lemak yummynyer//

    irm: my temp maid takleh nak rekemen2..nih those fella hat laki depa keje kat area rumah depa dtg on daily basis agak leceh kot nak travel tpt2 lain unless u duduk dekat2 rumah i nih…

    aini: itulah agak lemau lah svcs depa kali ni….mehlah dtg janji ngan kembar awak tuh…

  7. Mrs.R @ Emi Says:

    kak elin..bleh x cite pasal jamu2 or apa2 ubat n minyak urut n utk berbengkung apa yg kak elin guna?
    this is my 1st time..dh la kena berpantang kat umah mak mertua ( my mom passed away last year )

  8. emly2175 Says:

    memang panas la area Puchong..i pi rumah my SIL pun, we all rasa mcm dln oven aje..

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