For motherhood

Seriously I salute those who stay at home with their kids. I wonder how my mum did it last time with all 5 of us, no maid, juggling her career and what nod. I do not know how Kak Elisa go thru her confinement with her 3 toddlers and Izani the last time. I myself, with only 1 demanding toddler like Khilfi and 25days old Khazin, worned out easily and its only 11am in the morning. Dang!

Its not a greener thing being on this side either. I remembered when I quit my job and stay at home for 3 months, my ability and patient truly tested. When I was at that position i realise no matter u r at the peek of your career and enjoying all the benefit of having it all, being at home with ur kids and u have set on setting all full meal for the husband later when he’s back and keeping the house in shape is one hell worth of job. It needed more patient on earth u need to have and need all the bestest time management skills and all the domestic arrangement with the best motherhood skills u can have. U can loose all your anger out there feeling torn and tired but U cant right or else everything will fall into pieces. But no matter what, at the end of the day, you made it, and God knows u have given ur best shot of the day and everyone is happy, coz after all when u r mothers u definitely gifted with this ability to deliver it all. Yeah, who says SAHM just sit back watch TV and do nothing at home. I object!

So this post is dedicated to all mothers out there, esp those who stays at home with their demanding kids, I salute u guys for doing it. I know if i were to be in those shoes, I shall deliver the same no matter how grey or red i will turn into. And for those who actually out there and work, even you spend less time with ur kids, u still are their best mother no matter what.

A toast for motherhood ladies!


7 Responses to “For motherhood”

  1. mamasyazmar Says:

    Hear hear!

    Not only do i turn red or grey but all the colours of the rainbow 😉
    take care sweets


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Nice one Elin and Thank You very much for being so understanding.

    It aint an easy job for me at all. I dont sit all day, makan makan or watching tv. I have plenty of errands to do, and to get everything settled mmg out of time. Tak cukup masa.

    I raised Adam from day 1, with my 2 hands, no help from ANYBODY except suami tercinta. Dah la dengan pindah randah sana sini, lagi penat tau ?

    But, alhamdulillah that Allah granted me a good husband. He helps me a lot, and appreciate my job as a fulltime mom. As he said ” am willing to go to work, rather than stuck at home and do what you do “.

    Adam dah almost 5, dah ringan siket keje as dia dah banyak boleh buat hal sendiri without my supervision. It also helps, that he goes to school 3 days a week, from 9-3pm.

    – rini –

  3. aida Says:

    kak elin, bestnya this post. i also salute my MIL who raised her 6 kids without any help. siap tolong jaga anak sedara dia yang lain lagik, camna la dia jaga ok..

    p/s: me & aini already bought your book. ada 20% off kat MPH for MRC members.. yipee

  4. Irm Says:

    yeah, i salute mums that does things without any domestic helper(s).

    Here I am, kat sini envy my friends here who have 2-3 domestic helpers at home. I guess I should bersyukur in the position I am in – full time housewife with one helper. Tu pun pening kepala layan bebudak ni.

    Mak-mak dulu memang tough!

  5. Mommy Hafiy Says:

    thanks for being so understanding..most ppl always say u bole la sahm..byk masa kat rumah dgn anak..but the fact is lagi dok rumah lg byk benda nak buat..huhu..terasa mcm nak jerit..eleh mcm la i tak pernah keje dulu!huhuhu

  6. Anonymous Says:

    hi u..

    haha memang susah kalau nak ikut kan jadi stayhome mom nih..1/2 org negok mcm seronok ajer tp sebenarnya struggle ok..sometimes tuh time nak makan pon tak ada..still remember masa i kat kl w 3kids n no helper..mkn pon kat sink ajer asal boleh kurus tak jugak…

    now ni dah masuk 4org lagi pening!!masa baru2 balik tuh hari my kids tgh songkran holidays..imagine ler dgn 3org pastu + newborn + sakit tetek n all terasa mcm nak terjun tingkap ajer ok!!pastu lepas 10dys my hubs tak ada g DC imagine ler mcm mana tunggang langgang nya i..but now alhamdulilah lah budak2 dah sekolah semua dah ALMOST settle ..

    so u mcm mana??owh lupa lah congratulations on the new arrival of ur son n brother khazin!!


  7. Muna Says:

    aaawww…touching la baca this entry..thank u so much on behalf of us stay home mommies..

    nak jumpa baby khazin and big brother efi!

    ps:che yam..yea ya..i know your routine..i tengok u aje dah penat..

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