That’s it. I am going out next week. For once, I need to bring Khazin for his 1st month jab. Then, obviously I wanna make a quick detour to pavillion for the JCo and a quick retail dosage.

A quick one, kang celah mana nursing room kat Pavillion erk? sejak Khilfi dah besar dah x bother sgt ngan nursing room nih.

Lemme know k.


5 Responses to “detemination”

  1. fatin Says:

    i know 1 place dlm parkson but i used ladies room dlm parkson sbb ada sofas yg lbh comfy dr nursing room. tp masa my doter 1mth, i nenen while walking. jimat masa. hehehe

  2. Ain Says:

    Yes, at Parkson ada satu dekat children dept, near stroller nye side. The room is quite big but only one mom can nurse at one time sebab ada satu kerusi je…and satu changing table :(.

    Better use the one at the foodcourt bawah tu. Very cosy and nice. I think every floor ada kot but I tried one at which floor entah, it was lock.

    Happy shopping!!

  3. kaezrin Says:

    thanx to fatin and shall do me good

  4. Mommy Hafiy Says:

    wah…sudah jCo kah?hehehe *grin*

  5. angah Says:

    aku plak belasah jek nursing kat bangku2 tepi2 tuh.. tutup ngan selendang kat bahu settle.

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