in 1 piece and kicking well

Finally we’re back in KL.

Khazin first plane ride was smooth sailing. He slept all the way(what’s new kan) and abang Khilfi oh,. he was happy sbb he actually rasa macam big brother since he was given a task to ensure adik’s ok and he loves it.

We reached the airport on time ajer around 2pm. Chaos jugak coz we have 1 toddler, and a baby, and hubby has to bring the pump in style from medela in 1 bag and also another bag pack containing all the necessary. But we survived.

And I also glad all the express breast milk (EBM) around 20+ bags which was pack nicely by my dad and hubby goes ok. Sume in tact and beku elok ajer by the time we reach home. Lega. Now my game is begin to start mengajar khazin bottle EBM so tomorrow I am sending Khazin to my IL’s and let my MIL teach him. Kalau maknyer ader, off course reject bulat2 ok botol tuh.

Ouch. And we sort of sorted out the arrangement to send Khazin when I return to work in 15+ days more. Ouch!*sigh*

6 Responses to “in 1 piece and kicking well”

  1. mylife Says:

    macam baru blaik over the sea je dah nih lin… aku sampai konpius for a while… hiks…

  2. mamalisa Says:

    so fast kan elin..cepatnya khazin tu membesar sampai blom 2 bln dah kena tukar saiz pampers.Enjoy the moment ya elin & take care 🙂

  3. haiza Says:

    sekejap jer kan…dah tinggal 2 minggu lagi..

  4. OndeOnde Says:

    good luck for BACK TO WORK!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    1st pic tu macam muka budak besar jek…

    Aniway, slamat bersiap sedia balik ofis ya!!! 😉


  6. kaezrin Says:

    pijot: mmg lah south china sea ajer..kekekeke

    mawar:mmg la x koser betul bila igt nak start keje dah

    haiza: itulah pasal stress bila ingat

    kak wani: ahh ik iwsh i can sah now..

    matun: mmg cepat benor membesor

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