update from KT

Both Ezzan’s are doing great. We’re enjoying our bits in KT very well. All 3 of us being taken care very well here. We have been in and out but mostly spend the time inside on the newly acquired sofa yg amatlah best yg amats. Thanx Aki dearest for finally listening to our whining to replace the sofa yg amat berbakti to all of us to lenjan, the new one also will be the next target. I also managed to go kain baju raya hunting. The most tense portion is to get the right cloth for Aki and all set for us.

Khazin upgraded to size M Huggies today. The small size macam menyeksa diri already. But still at S for mamipoko. Yeah, just nak jot down some milestone ok. 😛
Hubby is coming back from KL tomorrow. Yippie.

And we have roasted chicken for dinner today. I am full and now wants to watch tv. Bye bye.

One Response to “update from KT”

  1. Ummu Auni Says:

    akak ek, gambar kain tu apa dia>
    beli baju baru ker

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