touching base ajer…

My dad and my 2 sisters reached KL yesterday evening. My dad is leaving for Bangkok this morning. Syok lah dier, dah pencen jenjalan sana-sini. I bet if my mum still around she will quit her job early and joined my dad to go here and there. In fact the plan was to round the globe after my dad retired. Looks like dad is doing it solo route la.

Its refreshing to see him and my sisters around. We had a good dinner over nasi dagang last night specially imported from KT off course. Then this morning, we parted in 2 seperate cars. My sisters are sending dad to klia and later pusing KL cari baju and stuffs for raya (biasala we are people yang BERIA bila BERAYA). The tradition that runs in our family la kot. Tapi dah dpt warning not to over splurge. Yet budget dah lulus for extra kain baju raya even we just sent a whole lot of stack of kain to tailor last time i was in KT. Nyehnyehnyeh.

Anyway, Khazin is doing well at his nursery. Even the kids mostly girls at 4-6 yrs age yg dekat nursery tuh dah recognise even our car. The moment we reached the gate bukak pintu ajer, dah dengar depa jerit2, Khazin dah sampai. Looks like adik dah ader fan club dah. He will drinks about 20-23oz/daily. So mmg setakat nih, sufficient stock la, I managed to express abt the same at the office. Plus the one that already expressed at home in the morning and at night before I got to sleep, so mmg ader extra stock on daily basis for now. Hope i be able to sustain.

Khilfi the big brother is attention seeker these days. So we tend to use the time commuting in the car whilst adik is not around to explain and consult him. Hope he will be better off by days. But he is very well in school these days. Takde dah scene2 drama swasta at school. I guess 2 months break tuh, works well for him prolly. 🙂

My hubby is busy at work very much now. Takpe dear, more things to appear on your appraisal sheet. 😛 Last weekhe brought back a couple of bucks JJ voucher for winning a competition at the office. Dah abis pun bini dier belanja kat JJ then and then. kakakaka masukla lagi competition so that bbuleh i shopping lagi yang!

Well, till then, toodles.


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