Everyone is screaming, sms beeing shooted out like sky rocket and everyone queing including yours truly. Dang! right timing our fuel indicator dah blink!blink! sib baik we reached the station just in time, when its not really many people around 6ish so not so bad. Dlm 15 minutes jugak la anyway. Still top up at a good close to rm80 after this easily RM100+ la kot for fuel tank. Our car easily need kalau based on capacity 1.8, a good 50litre times RM2.70 ouch, u do the math. Sendiri mau ingat la kot. 🙂

My sisters were in OU last night. It took them 4.5hr all the way from OU nak reached Giant Kelana Jaya last night. they reached home at 1am ok, itu pun dah buat detour kot mana-mana masuk NKVE all the way back to putrajaya. Hina ok. Pagi nih sume dah tobat duduk rumah, just a quick detour to Alamanda or Equine ajerla.

So, ideas peep, how to curb with this hike in oil price?? RM625 for my case/yearly basis obviously tak cukup la. So how now??

Till then, toodles.

p/s: The Co. should really start using all these technology they provided all out, do video conferencing/ emails and all sort and promote work from home and etc. Boleh jadi punyala. Hubby is opting for that already. How convinience and I am green with envy! Dang!


5 Responses to “RM2.70/litre”

  1. ummi Says:

    sungguhlah akak katak bawah tempurung. i did not know petrol naik hg until noon tadi! i donno lah what’s gonna happen to us if these price hikes keep on continuing. naik gaji pun cam tak berapa ada makna je. dok tang tu jugak. pensan le tebby sbb both cars dia yang isi minyak.. (kejam punya wife!)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Kat sini used to be like aud1.15/aud1.20 a litre, but since last month kot naik sampai aud1.66.
    Certain station still jual aud1.46/55 camtu, but ada certain yang melambong lambong.

    Since my car is 2.0, every week kena isi eventho Adam’s school is only 5 minutes away, tp mak kan suke merayap sana sini. I would normally spend aud240 a month.

    Luckily D pakai company car, kalu tak …harus mak tak bleh soping secara besuka ria …..!

    Ni yang tak sabar nak nomad nih, bleh pakai drebar hahahahahahahah.
    I will sms and let you know ok ? Seems that the pindah randah is confirmed. The company will fly us there somewhere around sept/oct, for a week to experience the country.


  3. emly2175 Says:

    dont wanna comment much on these.Who know’s we may have new gov at the end of this year due to this price hike! scary thought!
    nak bagi tau ni la Elin since u family jenis raya sakan kan.. Pi la ke Jakel..kain nya murah sungguh.I dah pi last friday.so cheap !

  4. Zatul Says:

    The price went up the night I left the country. Mmmg pengsan la nak bayar minyak pas ni. Here, they have good public transport. Most people naik basikal even kat negara yg ber hi-tech tinggi ni. nak berjln pun cuaca tak le sepanas m’sia. Ckp pasal raya I might search for a place yg jual kain ela kat sini. Some people said murah but i don’t know berapa murah. 😀

  5. Farra Says:

    kak, hubby u co. apa??

    totally agree with ur ideass..
    i’m dreaming to work from home mom one day soon! seriess…pernah masuk mimpi lg..i’m in the process la ni (konon2)..kene kerja keras 😀

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